Calendar interoperability

While listening to Inside the Net episode 29 podcast I learned of which is “The Calendaring and Scheduling Consortium” (Quote: “The Consortium is focused on the interoperable exchange of calendaring and scheduling information between dissimilar programs, platforms, and technologies. The Consortium’s mission is to promote general understanding of and provide mechanisms to allow interoperable calendaring and scheduling methodologies, tools and applications to enter the mainstream of computing.”)

In the podcast Scott Mace is interviewed and mentions where they recently got seven calendar systems to talk to each other. Interesting Lotus Notes/Domino and Microsoft Outlook/Exchange is included in the test using CalDAV.

This is very interesting. Would this be too late to fully incorporate and support CalDAV in Hannover/Domino Next?

3 thoughts on “Calendar interoperability”

  1. About time! I hope this gains traction. Whilst we have a perfectly good standard for file exchange (iCalendar), free time scheduling and the actual transport of calendaring data are all up in the air, so something like this should really help.The lack of interoperability between C&S systems is one of the big issues highlighted in Michael Sampson‘s “Seven Pillars” framework re collaboration.


  2. I have a webDAV servlet that already talked to Domino (a bit crude, but talkes). We could easily use that to expose Domino via calDAV. Could need a hand there.
    😉 stw


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