Domino Web Access broken in Firefox 1.5?

After upgrading my Firefox to 1.5 I have been unable to run Domino Web Access through Firefox. The inbox and and calendar displays just fine but I am unable to write new e-mails or reply to received e-mails. Basically everything that requires me to write in the “Body”-item is “broken”.

As you can see from the screenshot it looks like Firefox is unable to start the component it uses for “rich text” editing. The page finishes loading but no errors are displayed in the JavaScript console or via LiveHTTPHeaders.


UPDATE: Another guy at my office run iNotes under Firefox 1.5 – maybe it’s just my copy…

5 thoughts on “Domino Web Access broken in Firefox 1.5?”

  1. We’re running Domino 7 on Win32 (US English) at the office. I just checked the Lotus Support site and it does say that only Firefox 1.0 is supported so their back is covered (“Mozilla Firefox 1.0 on Win32 and Linux (supported by the DWA7 mail template only; not supported by iNotes6 templates)”). Still I’m reaching for the bookmark to the Lotus Support site to add a PMR… 🙂


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