TwitNotes v2 – Twitter sidebar plugin for IBM Lotus Notes v.8.5

About the plugin

This is the home of the TwitNotes v2 plugin for IBM Lotus Notes 8.5 client. The plugin is a client for the Twitter network and lets you read Twitter status messages from the people you follow directly in your Notes sidebar. The plugin also lets you update your status, send public replies and send direct messages to users you follow.

The plugin is written as a sidebar plugin for the Lotus Notes 8 client / Lotus Expeditor but could with minor changes run fine in plain ol’ Eclipse. If you have questions or comments about the plugin please let me know by commenting on the blog or by sending me an e-mail (see the about me page).

The plugin is currently at beta 3 but I use it every day as my primary Twitter client.

Easy to install!

The easiest way to install is to drag the widget descriptor to the MyWidgets sidebar panel in Notes.

If you do not see the MyWidgets panel open the Notes preferences dialog, click the “Widgets”-section on the left and check the “Show Widget Toolbar and the My Widgets Sidebar panel” checkbox. If you cannot do this you should call your friendly administrator and tell him/her that it’s vital for your web 2.0 experience that you’re allowed to do this… 🙂