New article for THE VIEW

After submitting my presentation for my Lotusphere 2007 session (BP308) I’m busy putting the finishing touches on my next article for THE VIEW. The draft is due before I leave for Lotusphere.

The working title is somewhat of a mouthful (“Solving the native library binding problems of the Notes/Domino Java API in the Sametime 7.5 Connect client plug-ins”) and it will probably be changed a couple of times before the article goes to print.

The article is slated for publication in the Mar/Apr 2007 issue of THE VIEW.

The VIEW article published

Just had to post a plug for my new article in THE VIEW called “Extend the power of LotusScript with DXL and OOP“… 🙂 If you have an electronic subscription the article is available now.

This article is much more technical than the first and explains in detail how to leverage DXL from LotusScript using XSLT and the built in XML classes as well as how to use pipelining to avoid writing intermediary results to the harddrive. Apart from the DXL stuff there’s also something on how to use design patterns in LotusScript to build dynamic decision making trees using the Chain of Command design pattern.

I hope you enjoy reading it and take something away from it. If you have questions or comments please let me know.

THE VIEW article: Extend the power of LotusScript with DXL and OOP

The second part of my articles on LotusScript.doc titled “Extend the power of LotusScript with DXL and OOP” will be out in the May/June issue of THE VIEW. The article is a great deal more technical and explains in-depth how the application is built using object-oriented LotusScript, design patterns, DXL and XSLT.

The article will supposedly be posted online today (Friday) and should be available at a newsstand near you soon!! 🙂

The VIEW article published

I’m very proud of myself (I’m patting myself on the back as I write this)… 🙂

My very first article has been published in The VIEW this month and I didn’t even get to be the first to blog about it. Jens Polster beat me to it…

Jens – thank you for the kind words, the very nice post and all the comments and feedback on LotusScript.doc. Great finally meeting you at Lotusphere.