Salesforce Release Notes

So I’m reading through the Salesforce Spring 18 release notes for a customer project starting later this week for specifics on changes related to GDPR. So happy for searching as the release notes are a wopping 459 pages. What! Seriously? Oh yes…

The way I tend to go through the release notes is to get the PDF version as I find it easier to skim and search through. The release notes are also available in HTML which can be good if you know you’re only looking for say Lightning related changes or AppDev related changes.

Only other piece of advise – make sure you’re sitting comfortably and have coffee at the ready!

Salesforce Spring 18 release notes (PDF)
Salesforce Spring 18 release notes (HTML)

Gems from the 7.0.2 release notes

  • Mail file
    • Allow user to expand public groups to remove certain addresses
      The functionality is created using a special $-field called $ExpandGroups which you might want to use in your own applications:

      FIELD $ExpandGroups := @DeleteField;
      @SetField("$ExpandGroups"; "3");
    • Calendar documents which are marked ‘Private’ now get populated in the busytime.nsf without calendar details, but still visible if a delegate can access the mailfile.
  • Domino Designer
    • Support for additional DXL design elements
      New elements for Shared Columns, Shared File Resources, and Shared Stylesheet Resources have been added.
    • User-defined HTML tag attributes
      User-defined attributes can now be added to the tag generated by the web engine. When the field $$HTMLTagAttributes is present on a form, its contents are placed in the attribute list of the tag. For more information, see “Additional HTML-related field attributes” in these release notes
    • Custom declaration
      Users can now specify a custom declaration on a per form basis. When the field $$HTMLFrontMatter is present on a form, its contents will be placed in the generated HTML, ahead of the tag, and the web server will not generate anything there automatically. For more information, see “Additional HTML-related field attributes” in these release notes.
  • Domino Server
    • Allow for basic authentication of some URLs
      Domino 7.0.2 allows certain URLs, for example those that generate RSS feeds, to use Basic Authentication, even if Domino Session Authentication is in effect.

Apart from the changes listed above a bunch of notes.ini variables has been made obsolete so I recommend you go through the list yourself. There are a number of iNotes variables in there (iNotes_WA_*).

7.0.2 also adds iCal support but as a developer you might want to know that the iCal import is limited to 500 documents per file. The following is from the release notes: “Users can import iCalendar files with a maximum of 500 documents; use multiple imports for more than 500 documents.” This could be a problem if you are going to import large calendars. Unfortunately there isn’t a programmatic way of importing the iCal file so you have to go through the File menu.

As always you want to pay special attention to chapter 3: Known limitations, problems, and workarounds.

Direct link to the PDF version of the Notes/Domino 7.0.2 release notes.