Junk mail handling in Notes 8

In November of last year I wrote about the junk mail handling in Notes 7 but it just hit me that I forgot to ask the developers about this at Lotusphere. I would like to know what they are planning to do for Notes 8. The issue is basically that Notes 7 junk mail handling is broken and I would like to know how junk mail filtering is done in the Notes 8 mail template.

Does anyone know or does anyone have an e-mail address to one of the Notes 8 “mail experience” developers?

Lotusphere 2007: Sametime 7.5.1 miniApps

As mentioned the other day (Lotusphere 2007: Sametime 7.5 and Notes 8 sidebar compability) you’ll have to change how you do miniApps once Sametime 7.5.1 is released. I went and talked to Dave Schlesinger in the Developers Lab today since he’s in charge (or actually wrote) the Sametime client toolkit. It turns out that the com.ibm.collaboration.realtime.miniApp extension point will be kept for backwards compatibility but you should start writing miniApp plug-ins as ViewParts instead. This will also be the case for “miniApps” destined for the side-shelf in Notes 8.

Apart from discussing extension points we also talked about how one should go about discovering the active environment. We had a good talk about this since we as partners or ISV’s will need to be able to discover whether we are running in Sametime, Notes 8 or simply Expeditor. This discovery should be possible without having to link against or include specific libraries since not all libraries (e.g. notes.jar) will be available on all platforms. We kind of agreed that a system property would the simplest way to go.

I also asked him to please document the extension point schemas better… 🙂

Loving the Update Site functionality in Eclipse

Just upgraded my Eclipse IDE to version 3.2.1 using the Update Site functionality. Nice, quick and super easy! If just it were that easy to upgrade IBM products… But wait – it will be that easy come Notes 8!! 🙂 It’s already easy with Sametime 7.5!

Loving Eclipse!!

P.S.: Leaving for Orlando in under 48 hours! 😉

IBM Workplace Designer mentioned in Eclipse Magazine

IBM Workplace Designer is mentioned and used as an example on how to leverage Eclipse as a foundation for rich-client applications. Too bad Expeditor, Sametime or Notes 8 isn’t mentioned…

Eclipse Power in IBM Workplace/Domino
“Eclipse is a robust functional platform that IBM Workplace/Domino developers can put to full use in their current and future projects. In this article, we focus on the benefits of Eclipse as a client foundation that has a cross platform, rich UI widget set that is based on native widgets, a rich UI framework, pre-defined dialog basis: Wizards, Preferences, Properties, and other UI: Perspectives, Views, Editors, Workbench (as a base), ActiveX support in SWT on Win32 (platform integration), and a good Help system. Eclipse as a client foundation is an extensible platform that features a plug-in extensibility model, shared programming model with tools development, education that is already developed for tools offerings, core services, extension points, core frameworks, production quality platform with two major releases in the market, and an Open Source code base. “

Eclipse Magazine, Issue 5, December 2006.

Playing around with Notes 8

As mentioned previously I have a couple of friends who work at IBM and while at a social Christmas gathering last night one of them showed me the build of Notes 8 he is running on his work laptop (Notes 8, M3). It was quite funny to actually see the product and I think I have to pay him a visit later in the week to play a little more with the client.

I only played with it briefly but first impression is that it looks nice and more Windows-like (in a positive way!). It sure still looks and feels like Notes but with a touch of Expeditor/Eclipse RCP. The most noticeable differences are that the bookmark bar on the left is gone, there is a Start-style launcher button on the top left and a bar with miniapps (Sametime, RSS feeds, todays calendar etc.) on the right. Other than that the old-style preferences has been replaced with standard Eclipse style preference pages but other than that I looks like you would expect. I don’t think most users will have any problems getting used to it.

I’m sure there’s tons more, but that’s my first impressions. Funny to actually see the client we’ve been hearing about for months now from Mary-Beth Raven and Ed Brill.

I have been doing a lot of Sametime 7.5 plugin development over the last couple of weeks so I can really see the benefit of the miniapp-sidebar. I think miniapps and the concept of the sidebar is going to be a really valuable addition to the application portfolio. I need to look more into this as I explore the client and see how the miniapps are wired into the client and how to make them respond to events in the client such as opening new applications etc.

As an aside I really hope we get to share miniapps between Sametime and Notes 8 without having to recompile… I have my doubts of this though, as the extension point used in Sametime 7.5 for miniapps looks and sounds quite Sametime 7.5 specific but I hope I’m wrong.