Lotusphere 2009: My session is today at 1PM

My session is today at 1PM and even though my throat is sore I think I’ll manage. My girlfriend did send me off this morning with a nice bag’o’drugs so I’ll be fine. Besides the health the presentation and demos are ready and the demos has also been canned as a movie for safety. The session will have a give-away as well as 14 plug-in examples so we’ll see how many I get to cover. Bummer the session is only an hour.

See you at 1 PM in Swan Pelican?

Lotusphere 2009: I have arrived

So I arrived last night at the Swan hotel after a long day of travel from Copenhagen, via Frankfurt to Orlando. I was in the hotel around 9.30 PM so that was nice. Even nicer since I, after a pizza and a beer, slept through the night so I’m hoping to have beat most of the 6 hour time difference. I remain to be proven right though… 🙂

Today (Saturday) is for relaxing if I manage to fix the last bug in a product and then BALD later. Maybe a little shopping with my Fiancee as well.

Lotusphere 2009: Showoff of what have I been doing these past two weeks?

The weeks leading up to Lotusphere is always crunch time but this year it has been worse than previous years. I have been head down with work almost non-stop the last 2 weeks. It has been rewarding though. I just finished the last beta of the next version of our sidebar plug-in for our group calendar product and if I may say so myself it kicks as…

If you want to see it in action stop by our booth on the showcase floor or watch this Flash movie (7mb) showing it off (it’s a bit heavy to load).

Now what was my Lotusphere presentation on again? 🙂

Lotusphere 2009: Bloggers program

As others (at least Mitch and John) I feel obligated to let everyone know that I have been selected to be part of the Lotusphere 2009 Bloggers program. Not sure that it changes anything though. Members of the Bloggers program will be sporting a “Blogger” sticker on their badge which makes for an interesting way to block being scanned in the showcase as I’ll be having a Speakers sticker, a Blogger sticker, a BDDay sticker and an Exhibitor sticker. Wow!

Besides all this blogging has been slow lately as I’m slowly surfacing after 8 days of non-stop work getting a cool sidebar plug-in product ready for Lotusphere. You should come see it at our booth in the showcase. Besides that I’m looking forward to hooking up with people.

I’m leaving for Florida in 3 days! Man I’m looking forward to it.

Lotusphere 2009: Preferences in SWT components

On the demos I have done for my Lotusphere 2009 session is a demo on how to use the extension point to extend the preferences dialog box (File/Preferences…) in Notes 8. As always a demo makes it easier to comprehend so download and explore to your heart’s content. Questions are welcome here or at Lotusphere.


Otherwise I recommend the Eclipse User Settings FAQ

Lotusphere 2009: Session time posted

The time slots and room allocations for the Lotusphere sesions has been posted on the lotusphere.com site. My session (BP106 – “From IBM Lotus Notes Java Developer to Lotus Notes 8 Plug-in Developer“) is on Monday at 1 PM in Swan Pelican and it’s up against more than fair competition.

The line-up this year is very strong and so will the competition for attendees at sessions be. Please remember that many of those competing sessions probably will be repeated so you can catch them second time around… 🙂

Be at my session or be square… 🙂

Lotusphere 2009: Tagging content

As “agreed” via Twitter today please use #ls09 for tagging Lotusphere 2009 tweets and “lotusphere2009” (without the quotes) for tagging content at all other sites and services where characters are not important.

Spread the word…