I know I’m quite late to the party but I finally got around to downloading and installing Domiclipse in Eclipse due to Bens post and I must say that it is very nice! There was a little caveat in the the installation via the Update Site in that I had to uncheck the “Ignore features not applicable for this environment” setting on the second page of the dialogbox to have all three components show up. Otherwise I would get a “missing required component error” during the install. In my defence it wasn’t the most logical setting to disable. 🙂

Anyways – it’s up and running. Nice!! I got to go grab the source code I think.

Force application of mail settings

As previously reported I think I’ve found a bug in how Domino applied mail settings to users mail databases – at least when the setting requires an agent to be enabled as well (the “Allow Notes to update To Do status and dates for incomplete entries” setting on the calendar profile). For those who want to read the previous posts the first one is here (“Loving policies – especially mail settings”) and the second one is here (Re: Loving policies – especially mail settings).

I finally got around to bringing the issue up before Lotus Support and as part of the support process I learned a new AdminP command:

Tell AdminP Process Mail Policy

The command will force AdminP to apply mail settings immediately. Nice. Some might know the command already but I sure didn’t.