Discovering Notes 8: Spill-over from Eclipse

How’s this for Eclipse spill-over and a “free” feature that, at least for me, is the feature of the week? Try pressing Ctrl-F8 in your Notes 8 client…

Pressing the key-combination will bring up a keyboard navigateable list of open tabs. Select the tab you need with the arrow keys (or press Ctrl-F8 successive times) and press Enter. It’s basically the same as in Eclipse except in Eclipse it shows a list of active perspectives. In fact the Notes 8 client still refers to “perspectives” in the keyboard shortcut list.

Nice ha?

Discovering Notes 8: WSDL editing

If you’re running Notes 8 and starting to look into composite applications (CA) you’ll need a tool to edit WSDL files unless you’re the notepad-type. Even I is getting past that point and starting to resort to GUI editors so maybe you should to. Fortunately for us all there is no need to look further than your favorite IDE (which is even more true after Notes 8 has been released).

In Eclipse the WSDL editor is provided by the Web Tools Platform (WTP) Project which can easily be installed on top of the standard free Eclipse IDE. I used Eclipse 3.3 but you might as well use Eclipse 3.2 or even 3.1 I think.

Installation is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Add a remote update site to
  2. Once prompted for the components to install select “Web Standard Tools (WST)” feature in the “Web Tools Project (WTP)” category (see screenshot)
  3. Install and sit back and wait while the installation runs to completion

To show of the WSDL editing capabilities of the Eclipse editor I created a simple WSDL file with two math functions (add and subtract) as shown below.

Afterwards I imported the WSDL file into a Java web service in Domino Designer but it could as well have been LotusScript. Nice ha?

Discovering Notes 8: Calendar ghosting

Don’t know if it is obvious but if you’re running Notes 8 against a Domino 8 server, want to see calendar invitations you haven’t responded to (ghosted in the calendar) and you upgraded from a previous version of Notes you must manually enable it in the calendar profile. Do this by opening the calendar profile, go to the “Calendar & To DoDisplayViews”-tab and check “Display new (unprocessed) notices”.

Also it doesn’t appear to work on invitations you received prior to enabling the functionality… Could be that I simply wasn’t patient enough… 🙂

Discovering Notes 8: Enabling Java 5 source compilation

I’m playing around with Notes 8 to get my bearings on the Gold release and I’m liking it. I’m kind of a Java-nut so I wanted to see if Lotus delivered on their promises to include Java 5 in Notes 8 and they did. Unfortunately the Java API hasn’t been updated for this release but hopefully this will happen in the near future. I know I will certainly stress that it will in the Domino Application Development Design Partner program where I have been fortunately enough to be included (together with Nathan and a fine line of other fine folks).

To test it out I fired up Domino Designer and created an agent to use generics and some autoboxing. Both are highly awaited in the Notes Java world – at least by me – and it will be really nice to have. The test agent code is as follows (generics and autoboxing is highlighted):

import lotus.domino.*;
import java.util.*;

public class JavaAgent extends AgentBase {

   public void NotesMain() {

      try {
         Session session = getSession();
         AgentContext agentContext = session.getAgentContext();

         int size = new Integer(10);
         List<Document> docs = new ArrayList<Document>(size);
         for (Document d : docs) {

      } catch(Exception e) {

To my surprise the above code didn’t compile and gave me the below compile error message.

I tried compiling the same code in Eclipse (using Java 5 source compatibility) and importing the class file as an Imported Java agent which worked fine. Hmmm – binary support but no source support? Last resort – look for clues in the release notes and there you have it! In the section “Installation, migration, upgrade, and configuration informationUpgrade notesNotes/Domino 8 upgrade to JDK (Java Development Kit) 1.5” it states that in order to keep backwards compatibility Java 5 source compilation in Domino Designer is disabled out of the box. To enable it add the following notes.ini variable and restart Notes:


Once this line has been added I was able to compile the above code… 🙂