NLLUG 2010

Below you can find the presentations, links, tweets and other related stuff from my sessions at NL LUG 2010.

Know the stuff you need to successfully and transparently deploy Java extensions to Notes

Lotus Notes is the most extensible collaboration platform available on the market today but without knowing about the policy controls and distribution mechanisms available in Lotus Domino you cannot reap the benefits. No fun without control! Come to this session and learn all about Java extension signing and distribution using update sites and widget catalogs to have success with your plugin deployment. This ground work is a must have for all organizations planning to roll out Java extensions to end users.


Breathe new life into your applications with widgets, LiveText and plugins

When they were first introduced in Lotus Notes 8.0.1 no one of use probably imagined how widgets, LiveText and sidebar plugins was going to change the way we use Lotus Notes. The fact that you may cut across Notes and inject functionality into existing applications without design changes makes these technologies really compelling and appealing. To this day MyWidgets and LiveText is probably the easiest and most powerful way to quickly and easily bring new functionality to the Notes client leveraging existing applications and data. In this session you’ll learn all about MyWidgets, LiveText and plugins from a development perspective.