Lotusphere 2010: OGS predictions

  • Some demos done on Mac and/or Linux
  • Floating the idea of a DDE without Legacy editors on Ubuntu
  • XPages rendering engines for mobile devices based on user-agent
  • Continued emphasis on Notes as a platform instead of an e-mail client and emphasis on it being an open platform that encourages developers to move to the platform
  • Announcement of stronger 3rd party integrations such as other major ERP system providers and web 2.0 services such as Facebook
  • Much focus on lotusknows, twittering and social computing
  • Revealing what’s in store for Notes 9 on a concrete basis
  • XPages, XPages, XPages…

Also had “A lot of focus on XPages in the client as the next development paradigm for the Notes client – forms/views only maintained for “backwards” compability” but this has already somewhat been delivered for Notes 8.5.1 (despite saying that forms/views will be deprecated at some point).

13 thoughts on “Lotusphere 2010: OGS predictions”

  1. "Floating the idea of a DDE without Legacy editors on Ubuntu"

    If they’re smart, this will be on Mac, not Ubuntu. Much larger audience for Mac.

    "XPages rendering engines for mobile devices based on user-agent"

    If they do this, I will be amazed.

    "Continued emphasis on Notes as a platform instead of an e-mail client…"

    I object to your use of the term ‘continued.’ 😉

    "XPages, XPages, XPages…"

    That’s a given. You can already tell from the session schedule.


  2. I don’t think IBM will ever deprecate forms and views in the sense that new instances can no longer be created… even with XPage applications, it’s best to define an appropriate set of both in order to define the underlying data structure and establish indexes for rapid retrieval. On the other hand, I think we as developers will gradually deprecate both element types in our user interfaces, even if we’re still creating them for data definitions.


  3. I agree about the views and forms for xpages appdev but a new interface for creating raw version of these just for xpages should be possible I think. That could make DDE Express possible on Linux/Mac.


  4. I appreciate the beer offer but I won’t be there this year. If I was and they made that announcement, I’d leave the OGS and take a cab to the airport. Everything else would be anticlimactic.

    Please don’t eat any non-food items. As I remember, you missed a  few days last year due to illness 😉


  5. My Guess is :

    – Sametime 8.5 everywhere

    – Portal "exceptional experience" (or so) everywhere

    – Cloud everywhere

    – Connections everywhere

    – Domino ? What ?  Eh, you got Xpages…

    Let’s see if I’m sarcastic or realist 😉


  6. I am betting two Symphony announcements .. .Symphony 2.0 and some kind of on-line collaborative editing tool, based on symphony and odf, as part of LotusLive (based of that leaked session abstract we all saw)


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