2005 season finally here

Finally !! Some weather that resembles spring… Though not as warm as one could wish for (still only around 8 degress celsius) the weather turned sunny and it seemed as though everyone chose Easter as the time to start. The road along the coast northward from Copenhagen was “packed” with happy road bikers. Me and my big brother included.

For me it all started the night before because I still hadn’t changed back to my normal gearing (52/42/12) from my mountain gearing (52/39/13). I rode across the Pyrenees last summer and once I got back I never got around to changing the gearing back, but now I’m back and riding as never before.

For the last couple of months I have been training indoors (Spinning) riding steady at 75% -> 85% of my maximal heartrate and it seems to have worked for me. I feel stronger than normally starting out. Nice. The new Polar 725 watch I bought last year has been a real help since it allows me to monitor my training using procentages instead of the heartrate.

I also allows me to transfer the data to the computer where I keep a log of my training. Below is an example from my trip to the Pyrenees. The example shows three curves – one for heartrate, one for speed and a third for altitude.