Notes 8 Utilities

From time to time I come across some functionality I think should be part of the Notes client but isn’t. If it’s really a big pain point for me and I can implement it myself I do so as a Notes plugin. I’ve implemented a number of such plugins over time but few have ever been published. Since I get requests for similar functionality from time to time I decided to create this page and publish the functionality here as I find the time. I envision the list growing over time so do come back! 🙂

A part from this page I have an Eclipse update site that will host the actual code to install. The update site will contain the utility plugins I create for the Notes 8 client – one feature per functionality. You can choose to install all the features or cherry pick the ones you need. For each feature you’ll also see a link to an extension.xml file which allows you to easily install the feature into your Notes client by simply dragging the link to your MyWidgets sidebar plugin.. At the moment the update site contains the below features:

Copy As URL

This feature adds two pieces of functionality to your Notes client:

  • A right-click menu action to Notes views to allow you to copy the Notes URL (notes://) of the selected document to the clipboard.
  • A persistent LiveText action associated with web links that allows you to easily copy the link to the clipboard instead of having to select it and copy it.

Known limitations:

  • LiveText limitations carry over i.e. LiveText many times wont work on MIME messages and/or formatted text.

Installation: extension.xml