TwitNotes update

TwitNotes is ready for distribution and I have the update site all lined up. Only problem holding me back releasing it is an issue I have with conflicting components from my sidebar plug-in and the Lotus Expeditor platform. My plug-in needs ship with Apache Commons HttpClient v. 3.1 and Apache Commons Lang v. 2.3. For some reason my versions of the components wont deploy to Notes 8 since the components conflict with the versions supplied with Lotus Expeditor. The funny thing is that it works perfectly when launching Notes from the Eclipse IDE.

If anyone has any ideas why this might be so please let me know. Maybe a feature patch? Other ideas?

Announcing TwitNotes – a Twitter plug-in for Notes 8

The below screenshot should speak for itself but in case it doesn’t let me explain… Last night and tonight I have been writing a Twitter plug-in for the Notes 8 Standard sidebar. I got tired of using BeTwittered and really wanted a real Notes 8 sidebar plug-in as I have some other ideas I want to incorporate. Once I finalize the plug-in tomorrow and get it on an update site you can install it if you’re interested.

Initial features:

  • Pure SWT application
  • Integration with the Accounts API
  • Preferences via Notes 8 Preference pages (auto refresh (yes/no), refresh interval, number of posts to show, refresh after posting).
  • Shows the Twitter profile image of the poster.
  • Posts to Twitter.