TwitNotes v2 beta 3 released

TwitNotes v2 beta 3 is now installable from my update site at Comments are more than welcome either here or via twitter as a reply to @lotustwitnotes. This release adds additional hover action support (search for patterns in tweet text such as username, email addresses etc.) and better width handling.

Known “issues” of the top of my head:

  • Need to figure out the best UI for the tweet list
  • Additional context actions needed?
  • Need to add retweet support
  • Need to add drag’n’drop support
  • Need to add LiveText integration

It’s not installable by widget as well. Simply drag the link to your MyWidgets sidebar.

Please note: I use the client as my primary Twitter client and I feel it’s ready for general usage although it is a beta so please treat accordingly.

25 thoughts on “TwitNotes v2 beta 3 released”

  1. XP issue fixed with text. Thanks.

    Some suggestions:

    * Date/Time or how old the tweets are.

    * Make URLs clickable (…)

    * Have each tweet in an autoexpandable box (right now, if you have the sidebar pretty narrow, you lose the rest of the tweet since the boxes are fixed sizes.)


  2. Thanks for the comments. The missing clickable URL’s is a build bug and will be corrected today – bummer on my part. Existing installs should be easily corrected by using the "search for updated for currently installed features". Will post on twitter when the new build is available.

    As to the timestamps I totally agree.

    As to the width of the sidebar. Problem is there is no way of dynamically adjusting the height of the items in the table. Well there is but only to make it higher so if you went ahead and made the sidebar wider afterwards it wouldn’t shrink accordingly. That’s why I’m opting for a fixed width.

    Given that would you rather have the tweet cut of in the bottom with a "…" indicating that more text is available? When once clicked I could show the entire tweet – does that make sense to you?


  3. I think the … would suffice at the end. What would people think if when you hover over the tweet, if a pop-up tool tip type of window comes up or when you click on a non-link inside the tweet, it will have a slide out window with the full text of the tweet. Or even click on the … as you said and have one of the above mentioned windows show up. Keep up the good work!


  4. Couple more suggestions which I am not sure can be implemented or not but the ability to download earlier tweets. If you are following a bunch of people, you could go through the entire listing and miss some earlier ones.

    Some of the twitter icons are not displaying. Not sure if it is a different type of graphic or not, but in Twitter page they display but in TwitNotes they don’t. I follow our local TV channels tweets for sports: SportsCenter5 (WCVB Boston Sports) and their icon does not show in TwitNotes.

    Maybe define each tweet with a thin grey line between the tweets.


  5. Just installed this, looking good, but the urls aren’t clickable and have tried to search for updates but none found. Did this get fixed?


  6. Great to hear and thanks! 🙂 The URL’s are clickable (I hope you’re seeing them blue – right?) but sometimes I have to doubleclick for some reason I haven’t figured out yet.


  7. Thanks for the quick reply

    It sometimes works (with a double-click or more), but not always

    When I click on the tweet the whole tweet turns blue and the url is hard to see, and isn’t copyable either, which would be useful


  8. Agree – a copy/paste option and/or drag’n’drop would be nice. Will probably be added as an example/demo for my Lotusphere sessions. As for background coloring I’ll look into changing it.

    Question – did you have a hard time finding out where/how to tweet from the sidebar plugin?


  9. Thanks

    I did have to look on here to find out where the tweet option was yes. I think I’d uninstalled an earlier version when I couldn’t find it, so making it more obvious would be good (maybe just default to open, once you know it’s there there’s no problem)


  10. How do you remove the v.1.013 version ? I’ve managed to install newest release without removing  the old one


  11. Hi Mikkel,

    I am trying to install TwitNotes v2 on IBM Notes <font size=”1″>8.5.1 SHF29</font>

    <font size=”1″>Unfortunately it fails installing and found in the logs a WARNING which says</font>

    <font size=”1″>Feature com.lekkimworld.twitnotes2.feature_1.0.0.201011300820 is not installed on the platform.</font>

    <font size=”1″>Any ideas how I can work around this?</font>

    <font size=”1″>TIA</font>


  12. I am having an issue where TwitNotes is not updating. I quit from Notes and go back in and it pulls the current tweets, but never updates afterwards.  I tried to uninstall and remove everything related to TwitNotes from the Features and Plugins and reinstall to no avail. Anything else I should look at?


  13. I’m having the same problem as Zeff, using v2 beta 3 and Notes 8.5.2FP2 on Win 7 Pro 64-bit.  Worked fine until early July, so I’m guessing recent Twitter changes broke TwitNotes?


  14. I’m having the same problem as Zeff, using v2 beta 3 and Notes 8.5.2FP2 on Win 7 Pro 64-bit.  Worked fine until early July, so I’m guessing recent Twitter changes broke TwitNotes?


  15. twitnotes used to work just fine on my machine. Since quite some time (unfortunately I can’t tell when that was and what I micht have changed at that moment) I can’t login. I get the "Authorizing access to the service …" window. I click on Initiate. Nothing happens, no message at all.

    I had to install manually, as my company’s proxy manipulates received jar files which made twitnotes unusable. But I think I got everything right, because it used to work!



  16.  Really novice here – how do I locate the <span style="font-family: ‘Trebuchet MS’, ‘Lucida Grande’, Tahoma, Verdana, Arial, sans-serif; font-size: 13px; line-height: 19.5px;">embedded browser? Am I able to get a pin anywhere else?</span>


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