Sametime Awareness Simulator – part 2

Well I discussed the SAS with Nathan last night at the Welcome Reception and it seems like it struck a nerve and it’s something that’s usable for a lot of the guys in the showcase. I cleared everything out last night so I will probably be sharing the application during the day (Monday).

I have many plans for future enhancements. For now it only simulates awareness but a logical extension would be for it to be able to accept file transfers, join group chats and reply to 1-on-1 chats. One should be able to specify a prerecorded chat script for individual users.

More to follow…

9 thoughts on “Sametime Awareness Simulator – part 2”

  1. No need to be angry… The project will be available but I’m doing it on my own time and hence is subject to availability of same. The problem I’m having now is that for some reason cannot build the tool as a standalone product (in Eclipse speak). Would you like to participate in the development of the tool? If so please drop me an e-mail (mh [at] and I’ll create a SVN account for you. If not please be patient. I will release the tool but it’s subject to the availability of my time and me not working on other projects.

    Comments more than welcome.


  2. Fueled by your comment I finally grabbed myself by the neck and figured out what was wrong and I now have the simulator ready as a standalone exe-file ready for download. I’ll post a download link in a couple of hours. See – all it took was time… 🙂

    P.S.: Thanks for nudging me!


  3. Hi Mikkel,
    no angry people here 🙂 I’m sorry if I sounded angry.
    I was just getting a bit disappointed by you many new posts, but not having time to reply to comments.
    I will go download the tool and see how it works. Keep up the great work… and this great blog!


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