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Eclipse target platform invalidated by IBM Notes 9.0.1FP4 on Mac

After installing IBM Notes 9.0.1FP4 I have been unable to launch Notes from my Eclipse workspace when doing RCP development (i.e. plugin development) for Notes. I finally decided to solve it. The stacktrace is like the one below:

2015/07/20 08:16:42.280 SEVERE CLPDN0016E: Error starting RCPApplication com.ibm.rcp.personality.framework.RCPApplication 
::class.method=com.ibm.rcp.personality.framework.internal.RCPApplication.run() ::thread=Thread-1 

java.lang.NoSuchFieldError: isWindows
   at com.ibm.rcp.platform.personality.DefaultWorkbenchWindowAdvisor.createLaunchChevron(DefaultWorkbenchWindowAdvisor.java:2229)
   at com.ibm.rcp.platform.personality.DefaultWorkbenchWindowAdvisor.createShortcutBarItems(DefaultWorkbenchWindowAdvisor.java:591)
   at com.ibm.rcp.platform.personality.DefaultWorkbenchWindowAdvisor.createWindowContents(DefaultWorkbenchWindowAdvisor.java:733)
The issue turned out to be due to duplicate similar named plugins from the target platform with different versions. For instance I had the com.ibm.common.services.icalendar plugin in both version and in version Manually running through the plugins included in the target platform and excluding the older versions solved the issue. There must have been a problem deleting the older versions when upgrading my Notes client but in any case it's solved now.

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