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Have VMWare ESXi VM hardware look like the underlying hardware

Had an issue today where I couldn't use the IBM OEM Windows 2012R2 media that IBM provided together with our new xServer because the media running in the ESXi VM didn't see the underlying IBM hardware. The solution was to set an ESXi option on the VM called SMBIOS.reflectHost = "TRUE" as described in this post (Unable to install Microsoft Windows Server 2012 on VMware ESXi host - IBM System x). That made the VM represent the underlying hardware.

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git log to the rescue

Today I needed to figure out when a certain setting (DisablePrint - funnily enough disables print in the OnTime Group Calendar Notes UI's) was added to OnTime Group Calendar and I just couldn't remember. So how would I find out? No way was I going to do diffs all the way back through all my tags. A bit of googling and voila! - git log to the rescue. Using a combination of git log and git tag I was able to find out in a couple of minutes. Besides being very cool and an excellent display of the power of git it also highlight just why meaningful commit messages are very important as they give you this option to go back through the log and figure out when stuff was added.

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IBM announce dates for bringing TLS v. 1.2 to IBM Domino

So in October of 2014 I wrote about the upcoming TLS (transport layer security) enhancements that IBM was planning to bring to IBM Domino as part of the industry wide panic about the POODLE attack which I still consider mainly theoretical. I was a bit critical towards IBM as they chose to patch their seriously lacking SSL v. 1.3 implementation and implement TLS v. 1.0 on top of IBM Domino v. 9.0.x (IBM Domino, POODLE, SHA-1 and why it's also sad when IBM decides to update the security stack). The reason I was critical was that I thought that you either take security serious and bring the stack to the front of the line (TLS v. 1.2, v. 1.3 in draft) or get out of the game.

Since then I have been pleasantly surprised to hear about the initiatives IBM has going on. At IBM ConnectED 2015 I attended a very nice session by David Kern from IBM and Daniel Nashed (IBM Business Partner) on the TLS and security improvements planned for IBM Domino. Among others was massive cipher suite updates incl. upcoming support for Diffie-Hellman and perfect-forward-secrecy. Cool stuff! Yesterday I was very pleased to see that IBM now has announced the support for TLS v. 1.2 coming in Q1/Q2 of 2015 (the technote is a bit confusing as to when it will be out).

So all appears to be good and IBM is moving in the right direction with this. Very nice.

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Docker without sudo

Using Docker looks very promising but having to use sudo all the time is really a killer. Luckily there's a way around it by adding users to the docker group and restarting the docker service.

  • Add the docker group if it doesn't already exist: sudo groupadd docker
  • Add the connected user "${USER}" to the docker group. Change the user name to match your preferred user: sudo gpasswd -a ${USER} docker
  • Restart the Docker daemon: sudo service docker restart
  • If you are on Ubuntu 14.04 and up use docker.io instead: sudo service docker.io restart
How can I use docker without sudo?

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