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New IBM Notes and Domino Certification Available - get 50% off until 25 June 2013

IBM has announced a nice new entry level certification for Notes and Domino and until 25 June 2013 you get 50% off the certification test so if it fits a suggest you go and get certified. The page I link to at the bottom has the promo code you need for the rebate.

"IBM Collaboration Solutions is pleased to announce a new associate level certification: IBM Certified Associate - Notes and Domino. This credential requires successful completion of the test LOT-442: IBM Notes and Domino Fundamentals. This test covers IBM Notes and Domino material as it relates to competencies within the following areas:

  • Architecture
  • General Administration
  • Calendaring and Scheduling
  • Replication
  • Mail
  • Clientv
  • Security
  • XPages
  • Non-XPages Design
  • Troubleshooting

Read more: New IBM Notes and Domino Certification Available - IBM Certified Associate - Notes and Domino.

Generating DOM events from JavaScript

For the OnTime Group Calendar API Explorer I needed manipulate a dropdown element on the page using JavaScript which is easy enough but when doing it this way no onchange events are emitted which caused my page logic to break. Luckily for me there is a simple way to have the element emit an event using the dispatchEvent mechanism of the DOM. The element.dispatchEvent method is your friend here. The documentation shows you how to create a mouse event but I really needed a HTML based event. To create a such is done like below:

// get element
var elem = document.getElementById("some_dropdown");

// set selected option
elem.selectedIndex = 2;

// generate an 'onchange' event from 'elem'
var event = document.createEvent("HTMLEvents");
event.initEvent("change", true, true);
event.eventName = "change";

developerWorks interview from IBM Connect 2013

On Tuesday at IBM Connect 2013 I was interviewed to developerWorks on my presence as an IBM Champion, what it means to me personally and the skills gap which is becoming extremely apparent with the use of all the new social technologies.

I will speaking at BLUG

Very happy to say that I again this year will join up with the community in Bruxelles in March and speak at the annual BLUG event on y-22 Match 2013. I'll be giving a talk on how to bring your data to users by writing widgets for IBM Connections. I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone there.

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