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IBM Notes and IBM Domino Social Edition - FINALLY!!!

If you're part of the Notes/Domino community you are probably excited today!

Unless you've been living under a rock you have seen and/or heard the announcements from IBM yesterday about the upcoming IBM Notes and IBM Domino Social Edition. If not do yourself a favor and go watch the recording. And a new major release - no longer is it 8.5.4 but 9.0!

I'm SO pleased that IBM/Lotus/ICS FINALLY took the plunge and stripped the "Lotus" from the product - not that I dislike the Lotus brand but we (the community and the customers) have been in a strange state of flux for so long. From Lotus, to IBM Collaboration Solutions (ICS) to IBM Social Business. We've been wondering what the product we love and work with every day would be called or whether it would actually go away and be replaced with some "Websphere thingy". With the announcement of IBM Notes and IBM Domino Social Edition yesterday IBM finally tore of the Band-Aid that should probably have been torn off back when IBM bought Lotus (or at least shortly thereafter).

With the move to IBM Notes and IBM Domino we can move past all that and look forward knowing that there's at least a 3 year roadmap and the product isn't going anywhere. With the best (and only?) public webcast in a long time IBM made it official! IBM has got our back!

And even better - we will also have a PUBLIC beta (see the sign up form). The "public" part is important - no longer is the beta and code drops for the select few of us in the design partner programs but for all. So be sure to take this opportunity and sign up for the beta. Download it. Use it. And most important of all - tell IBM what you think!

Missing passthru_nonProxyHosts for IBM Connections widget proxy

When writing widgets for IBM Connections (version 1, 2, 3 and 4) and you have an iWidget (judgement still out on the OpenSocial gadget support) that needs to talk to other network resources than the IBM Connections server you need to change the proxy-config.tpl to work around the same origin policy restrictions imposed on JavaScript running in a browser. The change is easy enough and well documented but what do you do if you need to use a HTTP proxy for requests leaving your network? Well you use the passthrough proxy setting for the proxy (see ) to make sure that traffic passes through your HTTP proxy. The problem however is if you need to use a HTTP proxy to access resources external to your network but not to access internal resources since the setting is global and applies to all rules. So be warned and plan your network accordingly.

For the record there is a setting in Mashup Center to work around this (passthru_nonProxyHosts) but that setting hasn't been implemented for IBM Connections unfortunately.

An IBM webcast you do not want to miss

This is a webcast not to miss. IBM will discuss the next version of Notes and also discuss the open beta that will start soon!! And as one who has been using the next Notes version for a while I can honestly say that you want to see this. Below is the announcement from IBM.

"Join IBM on November 13th at 10am Eastern Time US for an important series of announcements and previews. Learn how IBM Lotus Notes and IBM Lotus Domino, better than any other platform investment, positions you to create a more effective workforce. During this special broadcast, we will introduce our new IBM Notes and Domino Social Edition beta program, and updated product roadmaps, that truly demonstrate IBM's strong commitment to the Lotus Notes and Domino platform. Speakers include Ed Brill, Director for Social Business and Collaboration Solutions, IBM; Scott Souder, Program Director for Notes, iNotes and IBM Connections Mail and Daniel Lieber, Innovative Ideas Unlimited. And, stay afterwards for a special edition of the IBM Collaboration Solutions monthly community call to discuss what you just heard. "

Ed Brill, Director for Social Business and Collaboration Solutions, IBM
Scott Souder, Program Director for Notes, iNotes and IBM Connections Mail
Daniel Lieber, Innovative Ideas Unlimited, Inc.

Date: Tuesday, Nov. 13, 2012
Time: 7:00 am PT / 10:00 am ET / 4:00 pm CET

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