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LCUSER.DUAL is an undefined name doing IBM Connections 3.0.1 side-by-side migration

In the process of moving our internal IBM Connections 3.0.1 server to IBM Connections 4.0 we need to upgrade our DB2 to be 64 bit which is giving us some problems. After talking to IBM they convinced us to first do a side-by-side migration of our 3.0.1 DB2 databases to another 3.0.1 instance before upgrading the databases to 4.0. However in the process we discovered that the documentation for this process is inacurate so I wanted to post the solution here in case others needed it. Referring to the documentation (Migrating 3.0.1 data side-by-side) one of the steps is to record the sequence numbers for 4 DB2 sequences used for the draft tables. The progress of these sequences should be discoverable by using the following SQL but it fails.

(Profiles only.) Run the following commands to update the 
database sequence for DB2 or Oracle target databases:

Run the following commands on the 3.0.1 source database:

"SQL0204N "LCUSER.DUAL" is an undefined name. SQLSTATE=42704".
The problem is that the documented SQL references a non-existing table called "DUAL" and some table columns which then doesn't make any sense either. What you actually want to look at are the actual sequences (see "SELECT SEQNAME FROM SYSCAT.SEQUENCES"). Once you know that it's pretty easy to get the starting values.

Please note that if you've never used the draft functionality and DSML to sync changes back to LDAP you can happily omit these steps altogether.

Latest pet project

My latest pet project has been working with the OnTime Group Calendar API and try to look into new product ideas or use-cases for calendar data. One thing that came up really quickly is a way to expose all the calendars in OnTime in iCal format and using the API and ical4j it took all about 10 minutes to do. So now we have the option to expose each user in OnTime Group Calendar as an iCal feed honoring the access rights of the logged in user. Now that the data is available as iCal as well it makes remixing and reusing the data in custom scenarios extremely easy and the number of clients grew from our 6 to basically unlimited.

Below is an screenshot example of my adding OnTime calendars as subscribed calendars on my iPad (click the image for a larger version).

(click on image for larger version)

Now using multiple overlays on my iPad (or my iPhone) is just as horrible for as using multiple Lotus Notes overlays (or other clients) which only justifies why we develop client UI's tailor made for the purpose of group calendaring. But... The overlay option is very nice and allows me to quickly discover what a colleague is doing while not in another OnTime client. It even allowed me to expose my business calendar very easily to my wife. No more manual weekend calendar sync - win!!

I'm not saying this will ever become a part of OnTime Group Calendar but it sure is nice.

The code is written as an agent so it was very easy to deploy and using a Internet Site rewrite rule I was able to do a nice URL per user. So now we have a url like http://example.com/ical/jdoe@example.com for each user.

Now off to look for more ways to use the API.

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IBM Connections 4.0 is 64 bit only

This weekend we've been upgrading to IBM Connections 4.0 on a number of systems and for one we are having problems. The problem is that it's a small demo environment which is running on 32 bit Windows. The new release is only supported on 64 bits and the DBWizard will actually not run on 32 bit as the JVM supplied with the wizard is 64 bits only. Whether you can run the wizard on a 64 bit machine and connect to a 32 bit DB2 instance remains to be seen. So now you know...

IBM Connections 4.0 Detailed System Requirements for Windows

UKLUG is about to start

It's Monday morning in Cardiff, UK, and I'm getting ready to head to breakfast and then to the venue for UKLUG. I'm really looking forward to speaking at this event (today at 11.45am - be there or be square) which is always one of the highlights of the European LUG's. You will also see the top of the Pop of LUG/Lotusphere speakers here and the agenda looks extremely good.

For the speakers the event actually started last night where we were treated to a very nice private tour of the Cardiff Castle and following that dinner in the old (like 2000 years old) castle undercroft. Very nice. Thanks to TC-Soft and Tim Clark for providing guide books for everyone and of course the entire UKLUG led by Warren and Kitty for organizing and making it all possible.

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