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Go the f*ck home!

Really loved this Ignite Talk with a very provocative title - Go the f*ck home! (link to video on YouTube) as it confirms something I'm a strong believer in - you do not get more done just because you spend more time at the office. The talk also points to an interesting study on this (SCHEDULED OVERTIME AND LABOR PRODUCTIVITY: QUANTITATIVE ANALYSIS).

Avatar: MarkyRoden

Re: Go the f*ck home!

I have seen shows on American TV which point to how "lazy" europeans are because they work less than a 40hr week.

It is all in the head - work longer must be better, not smarter and happier

Avatar: John

Re: Go the f*ck home!

This is so true.  When I worked for UPS they did a time, motion, work study.  UPS found it would be better for them to pay a full time wage for 4 hours of work and they would get more done and the net Amount of Work/pay ratio was much higher!  The Unions would have none of that though.  To prove their point they did a pilot with about 50 workers and were amazed!

Avatar: Jens Overgaard Dinesen

Re: Go the f*ck home!

I agree with the overall conclusion, however I am fairly sure that the study could easily be improved. As I read the study it assumes that work hours are consequtive. Many studies over time have shown that the most effective / productive way of working is by breaking the workday into smaller sprints (e.g. http://blogs.hbr.org/schwartz/2010/05/for-real-productivity-less-is.html ) The conclusion is still stands, that overall you do not get more work done when you reach a certain level but there are more factors to consider. If you are low on resources at 2 o´clock - GO HOME. Play ball, walk the dog or whatever recharges the batteries and then revisit the job at hand.

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