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If you're writing JavaScript this is a must read

Normally with a link like this I would put it on twitter but with Lotusphere 2012 underway it would get lost and it really it too important for that. If you're writing JavaScript - and who isn't - you really should read Understanding JavaScript OOP by Quildreen Motta. I really mean it!

And we have lift off

After a late arrival last night I'm on site today and already in sessions. My day is packed and looking forward to hooking up with friends. Arriving at Lotusphere is just like coming home - you know your way around and your phone automatically logs onto the wifi :-)

See you around.

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Getting ready to go

So it's that time of year again. It's crunch time at the office to get stuff ready for Lotusphere, crunch time at customers trying to squeeze in the last few project appointments and it's crunch time in regard to session presentations. This year started out with me doing one session with Luis Benitez, then it turned to me doing it alone and now I'm doing something special on the big stage on Wednesday with IBM. Don't know if we're allowed to talk about it but it's exciting and require a lot of preparation. Both coding, rehearsal and planning. It's all good stuff though and I'm looking forward to doing it. It's been real fun and exciting to work so closely with the core team at IBM.

As an aside - due to a major planning mistake I will not arrive until late Saturday night and as we're not staying on site this year I most probably will not be at BALD for the first time in years. Major bummer. Expect to see me cheerful and ready to go first thing Sunday morning.

Can't wait to see everyone there. See you Sunday.