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The enterprise itself is changing forever

So true (from edbrill.com):

I see this so much that I thought I would repost the solution

I see so many people in Lotus Notes copy/pasting addresses to calculate distances for reimbursements, claiming time etc. and wonder why they do not find an easier way. Such as using a widget in Lotus Notes. A while back I created a widget to let you simply select the destination address and then do the route calculation using Google Maps.

But is does more than that. As a route calculation needs a starting address and a destination address (and it's hard for me to know the address you would like to use as the starting address) the widget has a component that lets you generate new widgets based on a starting address that you specify. I think it's pretty clever. And it gets better - the component that generates the widgets is an XPage... :-)

The post, and link to the widget, may be found in my Google Maps Widget Generator - come grab your own! post.