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Ytria EZ Suite 10 - now with DDE integration

A couple of days ago I received an e-mail from Ytria telling me that a new version of the Ytria tools was available and that I could go a read about what's new in EZ Suite 10. I did and I was impressed. Now I have been a user of the Ytria tools for a couple of years and have always been impressed by the ease of use and the power of the tools.

The EZ Suite has always been separate applications and something you launched alongside Notes or Domino Designer (albeit from a SmartIcon) but in version 10 they take it to the next level by providing integration directly into Domino Designer on Eclipse (DDE). This is really cool and provides right-click action to many of of the tools include nifty stuff such as signing a design element with another id-file. Good work by the team at Ytria and the tools is definitely still part of my arsenal.

Disclaimer: I have a free version of the EZ Suite courtesy of Ytria.

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Intelligent recommendations

Just came across the new code.recommenders incubation project over at eclipse.org and wow does that look cool. Very cool indeed especially if you spend part of your day in Eclipse. Actually the uses for this goes beyond code completion just like Mylyn goes beyond code as well (see Imagine combining this with Notes 8!). Imagine this for email addressing and/or collaboration. Think how analytics technology like this could make "recent contacts" so much better. Imagine how spell check could be improved.

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LotusLive Symphony now available on Greenhouse

As shown at Lotusphere conference earlier this month the artist formally known as Project Concord is now available to the general public as LotusLive Symphony. LotusLive Symphony is the IBM productivity suite but 100% web based without any required client install. Just like Google Docs or Microsoft Office 360. For now only document and spreadsheet functionality is available.

Given that I only played with it briefly it looks very promising and interesting. I especially like the way that it has been integrated directly into Lotus Connections on Lotus Greenhouse and as such functions as a natural extension of the Files feature of Lotus Connections.

Too bad no presentation functionality is available. I would have loved to do my Lotusphere Comes to You presentations from there... :-)

Plugin RedWiki is online

The plugin RedWiki is now online and I have created a shortlink for it. Check it out at http://bit.ly/pluginredwiki.