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How much functionality before a TwitNotes v2 beta release?

As I hinted to on twitter earlier I'm wondering how much functionality I need to add before releasing a beta of the new TwitNotes v2 (follow @lotustwitnotes to stay in the loop). Below you can see a screenshot of how TwitNotes looks as of now (7 pm Friday night). I did change the blue color to make it slightly easier on the eye. The current code takes a tweetdeck like approach and allows you to switch between tweets from friends, mentions, favorites and direct messages. You may also add columns for certain users and I'm going to add search support (add a column for a search) before releasing. Of course you can also tweet.

What I want to know is how much more to do before releasing a beta install. Let me know if you have an opinion by commenting below or tweeting me.

The Next Release of Java: Java JDK 7, out mid-2011

News from JavaOne:

Mark Reinhold confirmed that "Plan B" is now the plan of record for the next release of Java, with JDK 7 scheduled for mid-2011, with support for other languages on the JVM (InvokeDynamic) and many small improvements (parts of Project Coin). Things that don't make it into JDK 7 are planned for JDK 8, including Project Lambda and Project Jigsaw, scheduled for late 2012. Markus Eisele, software architect, provides details about Java SE 7 and Java SE 8.

Janice J. Heiss: Plan B Wins

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Save the date: XPages Documentation Discussion

I found this via the LotusUserGroup.org newsletter and I found it worth passing along.

On Monday, November 8th, give a shout out to the documentation team for Lotus Domino Designer. The team is looking to get your feedback on how helpful you find the Domino Designer User Guide (XPages) Help and will be moderating a forum on the topic at LotusUserGroup.org/forum for you to shout out your comments And observations.

The XPages Help provides information that is necessary for developing web applications using the new XPages technology available in Domino Designer. Do you like the newly added controls and properties reference sections? Have some feedback orsuggestions on the usability of the documentation - content that works well, content that needs improvement? This is your chance to really impact the XPages documentation content.

So mark your calendar. Bob Harwood, the Information Development (ID) Lead for Domino Designer, the Domino Designer ID team, and Cara Viktorov, ID Usability Feedback Lead, will be moderating the forum, live, the week of November 8, 2010. Plan to join in and ask questions, share experiences, and collaborate about Domino Designer Help.

Date: November 8, 2010 Forum: http://www.LotusUserGroup.org/forum

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