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TwitNotes v2 and a little info on OAuthrViewPart

Ever since Twitter turned of support for basic authentication about a month ago TwitNotes hasn't been working. Unfortunately I've been head down with work and unable to put out a new release that uses OAuth so I (and others) have been TwitNotes less. Bummer! But between some travel and a little weekend/evening time I've had enough time to work on it. And believe it or not! Below is a real screenshot from real code of TwitNotes v.2 running in my Notes 8.5.2 client. Did I mention it was real? :-)

Of course the actions needs to be tweet aware (I'm afraid I cannot delete other peoples tweets) and there needs to be an input field for tweeting but the infrastructure is there already. It just needs to be hooked up. This will also be the first sidebar plugin to use my new abstract OAuthrViewPart class.

The abstract base class handles all the OAuth stuff for the developer. He/she simply extend the class, feed it an API secret and an API key and it will handle the rest incl. detecting if the initial OAuth handshake has been done, if network is available etc. before letting over control to the developer to show the "real"content. More information on the sidebar will follow in another post.

I'm planning to release the OAuthrViewPart as open source on OpenNTF.

As to TwitNotes v2 stay tuned - expect a beta out soon...