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Want to learn how to write administrative scripts for Lotus Connections?

While reading my developerWorks newsletter for today I saw this nifty article (Scripting from scratch: Creating a Jython administrative script for IBM WebSphere Application Server) that teaches you how to write Jython administration scripts for Websphere Application Server. Now remember that Lotus Connections and Lotus Sametime 8.5 runs on Websphere so it might be worth checking out. Now I don't know too much yet about Sametime 8.5 but Lotus Connections has a lot of so-called wasadmin commands that lets you issue administrative commands and these commands are written in Jython. Using this article I could probably get started learning how to automate some of the administration work in a Lotus Connections environment. Nice isn't it?!

Why iPhone OS 4 is interesting for Lotus Traveler customers

Today on my commute I was reading about the iPhone upcoming iPhone OS 4 (Multitasking tops tentpole features in iPhone 4.0). Much, and probably way too much, have already been written about the iPhone and iPad lately but one feature of iPhone OS 4 is important to Lotus Traveler customers.

As you might know the iPhone uses the ActiveSync protocol for communication with the Lotus Traveler server. On the iPhone this is called an "Exchange account" of which you could only have a one. For many this is not an issue but it's really a frustrating and silly restriction (among other things it made it difficult for those of us with multiple e-mail accounts). Reading the run down I was very happy to read that this restriction will be lifted and you now may have more than one ActiveSync account. <insert waves of joy here>

As to the other features being added I guess one can only say that competition is healthy and is advantageous to the customer.