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Three mugs

While installing Windows 7 on my main laptop today I cleaned out my office a little. Part of the stuff I found was these three mugs from times past. From left to right: yellow Lotus Notes mug, OS/2 mug from the OS/2 Warp days and of course my IBM e-business mug. Makes the mind wander... :-)

Lotusphere 2010: Lotus knows something about chainsaws

It's probably no surprise that Lotusphere 2010 is all about what Lotus knows whether that be on badges, at sessions, on Twitter or on my room mirror. The Lotus knows message is really all over the conference and is becoming the meme that binds it all together. Lotus knows a lot. Maybe too much sometimes. The fact that Alistair Rennie is good with a chainsaw is probably one of those things...

(for the uninitiated there was a video at the OGS where people had to mention what they were good at and Alistair Rennie said he was good with a chainsaw)

I really like the message and was happy to hear that the campaign is coming to Europe. It will start in Germany in connection with Cebit (March) and will move on from there. Whether it reaches Denmark or even Scandinavia is too soon to tell.

Lotusphere 2010: Conference underway

So Lotusphere is finally underways - well sort of anyway. Officially it wont start until tomorrow morning but Business Development Day, JumpStarts and Bootcamp still feels like we're of. And we're of to a good start. The energy feels right and it feels like it's going to be a good Lotusphere. As Alistair Rennie said this morning in the BDD OGS: "Lotus knows sleep is for February!" That has to be the quote of the day of not for the week. Oh and knowing that Alistair thinks himself handy with a chainsaw!! :-)

Besides that I was happy to hear that Lotus Notes and Lotus Domino will also go into controlled distribution in 2010 meaning that you have to be certified to sell it. I find that a very good, although bold move by IBM. This is a decision that will help us tremendously in our business. Having to be certified (both technically and sales wise) means that you cannot simply sell licenses without delivering value. That's great and wise move that will benefit both the partner community and the customers.

Lotusphere 2010: connect.lsonline.info

Apparently parts of the Lotusphere Online site is made up of Lotus Connections as one might expect so be sure to update your profile information there as well.

Lotusphere 2010: Improvements to the web app

Based on the overwhelmingly positive reception of our web application for planning your Lotusphere 2010 attendance (see Lotusphere 2010: Check out this killer Lotusphere planning web app!!) I wanted to update you on the application and the suggestions to functionality you have made. Based on feedback from YOU we've added the ability to navigate between days in the "tracks"-view, made sure that all the BOF sessions are imported and that sessions with multiple speakers list all speakers and not just the first speaker. Since BOF sessions start at 7AM a small change to the timebar was also necessary but that should hardly be visible.

As shown below we've also added a menu item on the frontpage describing the different ways of reaching us while at Lotusphere. On this page you'll see e-mail addresses, mobile phone numbers and of course Twitter handle for those of us on Twitter.

As always keep the suggestions coming.

Extending DDE - creating custom context menus

Part of my new LotusScript.doc release is of course finding ways to make it even easier to use and use the API that's now supplied as part of LotusScript.doc. Central to all this is extending DDE to make LotusScript.doc accessible in a variety of ways. Today I'll show you how to add context, i.e. right-click, menus to the DDE navigator on the left as you can see below.

Doing this is actually very easy and only comprises of an IViewActionDelegate (the code; implement org.eclipse.ui.IViewActionDelegate) and a entry in plugin.xml to indicate where to stick the action. In this case it's an objectContribution to org.eclipse.ui.popupMenus:

<extension point="org.eclipse.ui.popupMenus">
   <objectContribution adaptable="true"
         label="DDE context stuff (select min. 2 design elements)"
The above should be pretty much self-explanatory.

The example code is available for download as an Eclipse project: com.lekkimworld.dde.navctxmenu.zip

Oh what a xmas card

Today I received a xmas card from Abeish Babu who is a regular reader of this blog and who I've helped a little during 2009 with some plugin development for the Notes 8 platform. It's always very nice to receive these kinds of cards so Abeish, thank you very much.

What was also nice was the commotion in the office over the address label of the envelope (see below). Seems like I have been elevated to a saint like status. How nice is that! :-)

(click the picture for larger version)

LMAO - bleedyellow.com fail whale

This is probably funniest if you're using Twitter but I mistyped a URL to bleedyellow.com and got the below. How funny is that?! Brilliant!! :-)

Lotusphere 2010: Check out this killer Lotusphere planning web app!!

Since we in IntraVision are not having a booth at Lotusphere this year we thought we would spend our time and resources a little bit different and what's better than helping YOU get the most from YOUR Lotusphere experience. So one of the things we're doing this year is an iPhone web application to help you plan your Lotusphere schedule. You can find the application here: ls2010.ontimesuite.com.

And yes I know the Turtle partnership has an iPhone application as well but we really wanted a different approach to planning the Lotusphere attendance so one of our senior developers created this solution. Also note that just because I say it's an iPhone web application doesn't mean it doesn't work on other phones. It works perfectly on an Android based HTC phone we also tested it on. A standalone browser will also work just fine.

About the application

At IntraVision we do group calendaring and meeting management software so we like to think we know how to do planning. We think that it should be easy to see what you're doing, when and where. The iPhone application lets you do exactly that using a straight forward interface. Oh and as you can see there's also a drawing for a number gift cards... :-)

From the main menu you can choose to see the sessions by date, by track or you can search. The search is a very powerful feature as it allows you to easily, and in sorted date order, do a listing of all sessions on a particular topic. Here I have searched for "sametime" to easily see all sessions having to do with Sametime.

Once you have starred the sessions you would like to attend you may use the "My Schedule" to see, again in sorted date order, the sessions you have chosen to see.

Additional screenshots (click for bigger versions)