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Slides fra Gul Skole omkring social software

Her er præsentationen fra vores Gul Skole arrangement forleden omkring social software med Christian Schwarz Lausten fra Seismonaut. Tak til alle der deltog i arrangementerne i hhv. Hørsholm og Århus.

Nye Medier, Nye Muligheder - fra iagttager til deltager.

Wow!! lekkimworld.com turns 5 yrs today

Has it really been that long? Well apparently it has. It seems like just yesterday that I started into this whole blogging thing and ventured down a road on which I have spent countless hours since then. When I started blogging was weird and felt strange somehow. Now after years of doing this it comes much easier and I have a hard time imagining not having and writing this blog.

Lately some of my blogging have moved to Twitter as a way of discussing the communicating small blurbs of information. Twitter will in no way replace the blog but it's a nice addition. Micro blogging adds something to the experience and community that I cannot quantify but I feel that it's positive. More and more of the community is moving to Twitter and the 24x7 buzz around the virtual water cooler makes for interesting discussions and a place to vent and/or rejoice.

One thing is certain - I'm looking forward to more years as the author of lekkimworld.com and I hope you as a reader are too.

Thank you for reading.

Speaker evaluations from NL LUG 2009

Earlier today I received my session evaluations from NL LUG 2009 and was very happy to see how positive they were. It's always nice when the evaluations are so positive. Thanks to all that attended the session.

Evaluation results for session DEV08 - The low down on Notes 
plugin distribution and provisioning 
Number of attendees in your room: 35
Filled-in Eval forms: 25

Score (1) - Session Quality: 4,4 (!) (scale 0-5)
Score (2) - Speaker Quality: 4,5 (!) (scale 0-5)

Additional (individual) comments and remarks from people, 
typed over 'litteraly and uncensored':
- Super! The Best!
- Nice intro the wonderful world of widgets and 
  deploymenent/distribution. Nice stuff!
- Even when not familiar with this, the explanation was 
  quite clear.
- Very good presentation 
- Please come again
- Different expectations, but very good

Home of the Lotus

Just found this image I captured when I were in Amsterdam for NL LUG 2009. I'm not gonna go into what the shop sold or where it was located... Let's just say it was in the red light district :-)

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OpenSocial (iGoogle) gadgets in Eclipse

I've been reading some blog posts about the upcoming Eclipse v.4 (or e4) and which features are planned for this release. One of the posts (OpenSocial (iGoogle) gadgets in Eclipse) discusses how Google Gadgets might make their way to Eclipse as views (ViewParts). Being a Notes user this is what we've had for a couple of years as MyWidgets but it's always interesting to speculate who influences who... :-)

It is becoming very clear to me that Notes as a platform is a good citizen in the Eclipse community by drawing from the community but also giving back to it.

Connections Glue

Just got news from Steph Preston that his micro blogging client called http://www.connectionsglue.com is available for download. Connections Glue is an Adobe AIR desktop application to post status updates to the Lotus Greenhouse Lotus Connections environment. How cool is that. I haven't had the time to download it yet to see if it may be used with other Lotus Connection sites but it looks VERY promising.

LotusScript.doc v2 beta 7

Beta 7 (and hopefully the last beta) of LotusScript.doc v2 is out - get it here (lsdoc_200beta7.zip). This beta fixes a minor issue with comment parsing. Unless I hear anything else I will release 2.0.0 this weekend.

Please note: Please remember to adjust the Java heap size. For more information see this post.

Comments as always welcome here on the blog or by e-mail to lekkim [at] lsdoc [dot] org.

Signed demo plugin on OpenNTF

Today Niklas Heidloff tweeted about a new demo Java extension that have been published on OpenNTF. Besides being a very nice demo example it also has another noticeable difference from all other Java extensions that have been published so far. The difference is small although very important. The difference is that it's digitally signed!

When installing Java extensions in Notes you have probably grown used to the "Are you really, really, really, really sure you want to install this unsigned Java extension in your Notes client"-prompt. Without thinking you probably click "Yes" out of habit which is why you may not remember the prompt. If you install this Java extension you wont see this prompt because it's signed by a certificate you trust (it's an IBM certificate).

Using jarsigner -verify -verbose -certs on the feature will yield something like this:

[entry was signed on 01-11-09 04:05]
X.509, CN=International Business Machines Corporation, 
OU=Lotus Software Group, OU=Digital ID Class 3 - Java 
Object Signing, O=International Business Machines 
Corporation, L=Westford, ST=Massachusetts, C=US

The difference is small but very important. You did notice it didn't prompt you right?

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Sametime 8.5

Lotus Sametime 8.5 Beta for the new meeting rooms have been added to greenhouse.lotus.com and it looks great.

"Sametime 8.5 Meetings are an entirely new way to collaborate with others online. Sametime Meetings are incredibly easy to use. Fully integrated into the Connect client you already use for chat, they make it simple to join a meeting with a single click; invite others by dragging their names from the contact list; upload materials via drag and drop; even share your screen from the Macintosh operating system. Of course, not everyone can participate via a Sametime Connect client, so 8.5 includes a zero-download, firewall friendly browser client as well.

Sametime Meetings are also different. Meeting rooms are reservationless and don't require scheduling. They can be instantly created and linked to calendar invitations from Lotus Notes and Microsoft Outlook. Sametime Meeting Rooms can be persistent. You can use the same room over and over for regular meetings and keep frequently used materials on hand during the course of the project.

Learn more about it by going here. Stay tuned for more Sametime capabilities to be available on Lotus Greenhouse soon."

PKCS#12 keystore to Java keystore conversion

I wrote a small program for converting a PKCS#12 keystore containing private and public key to a Java keystore suitable for signing Java extensions (plugins/features). See KeystoreUtil for download, installation, usage and of course the source code.

Eclipse Demo Camp in Copenhagen

Eclipse.dk (Danish website) is now arranging an Eclipse Demo Camp in Copenhagen on 10 December 2009. How cool is that?! I'm also happy to say that I'll be presenting a technical session at the event. If you're into Eclipse development or interested in it from a Lotus Notes point of view please mark your calendar already today.

For more information see Eclipse Demo Camp Copenhagen

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