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Using a non self-signed certificate with Lotus Connections

When you deploy Lotus Connections you find out that the login has to be done using SSL and hence you need a SSL certificate. When Lotus Connections is installed a self-signed certificate is generated but you'll probably want to use a "real" certificate whether this be one signed by a public CA or one signed by a corporate CA. Doing this is quite simple if you only swap out the IBM HTTP Server certificate as this only requires change to httpd.conf and using the ikeyman application.

Although the ikeyman application looks like something from another century it works and does its job. To launch it go to c:\websphere\appserver\profiles\appserver1\bin and invoke ikeyman.bat (substitute the path as appropriate). Once this is done follow the documentation to create a new keystore database (KDB format) and create a stash file. Then generate a new key pair and submit the keys for certification at your CA (again follow the documentation). The stash file is used by the web server to open the otherwise encrypted keystore without a password.

When you receive the reply please bear in mind that the certifying certificate must be in the keystore before accepting the reply. For most CA's this will require you to import a certificate before proceeding. This goes for Equifax as well as Verisign. The easiest way to find these is to surf to your CA and search for "intermediate".

Once this is done you can import the certificate reply, update httpd.conf, restart IHS and you're laughing...

Come see me speak at IBM Software Day 2009

If you're in Copenhagen on 6 October you really should go to IBM Software Day 2009. Oh and while you're there come see my session from 11:40 in track 2 (the "Lotus track") on how to extend and exploit your Notes 8+ client. And for those who have seen my Notes inspirational session before there are new demos for you as well.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Wedding picture

So by popular demand here's a picture from the wedding. It's me on the left... :-)

Just married

Slowly getting back online after my wonderful wedding. Will post a picture when I move to my laptop from my iPhone.

Getting married tomorrow

Well it's now officially Friday here in Denmark which means I'm getting married tomorrow morning. How crazy is that?! Wish me "luck" and cross your fingers for beautiful whether in Denmark and send happy thoughts my way... :-)

ROTFLMAO - figurine for the wedding cake

Got the below suggestion for a bride and groom figurine from one of my colleagues... ROTFLMAO! Luckily, for my future wife, the cake is already ordered...

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Did you know? #lotusknows!!

Are you ready for the jam?

LotusScript.doc v2 beta 4

Beta 4 of LotusScript.doc v2 is out - get it here (lsdoc_200beta4.zip). This beta adds additional logging, makes the log output easier to read and fixes an issue where the sub/function parser would receive "empty source code" if the code contained a sub/function where all code was commented out using pings(') or %REM sections.

The code has now also been stress tested thanks to databases from Nathan and Julian Buss. These two databases combined have around 300 script libraries!! :-)

Update: Please remember to adjust the Java heap size. For more information see this post.

Update: If using Notes 7 beta 4 will not work. Please wait for beta 5.

Celebrating Yellow Day - LotusScript.doc v2 beta for download

To celebrate Yellow Day I'm releasing the first public LotusScript.doc v2 beta for download. To get it download the lsdoc_200beta3.zip file, unzip it and create a new database from the template. I'll soon blog about all the new goodness in version 2 but for now suffice to say there's a host of stuff. If nothing else you should notice a major increase in performance meaning documenting databases now take a fraction of the time it used it with version 1.

Please note that this is a beta but it should be ready for prime time. It documents my databases just fine. If you do experience anything you deem weird, or dare I say a bug, please report it by e-mail to lekkim [at] lsdoc.org.

Looking forward to hearing you comments. Thanks.

The fine print

LotusScript.doc is now written in Java and to run LotusScript.doc on non-trivial databases you need to allocate more memory to Java than what's the standard in the Notes client. To do this follow the description below.

  1. Change the maximum possible Java heap size in notes.ini by setting JavaMaxHeapSize=256M to allow for 256 mb of Java heap.
  2. (optional) Change the /jvm/lib/security/java. policy and add the two following lines at the bottom of the first "grant" section. For more information see this blog post. This is only required to enable logging and it's not required.
    // LotusScript.doc
    permission java.util.logging.LoggingPermission "control";

Happy Yellow Day

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Lotus Knows how much geography matters

I was very excited when I read the announcements by IBM Lotus at the IamLUG event last week about the Lotus Knows marketing initiative being kicked off soon (late summer). I have been outright about the lack of initiatives from IBM previously (Lotus: We'll give you the air cover you need! Humbug, I say! Humbug!) so I'm going to hold my breath and see what actually comes out of the campaign and what the message is going to be. The announcement mentioned it was going to be a global campaign which us here in non-USA would love to see. Besides living in non-USA I'm unfortunately also in a small market if you take Denmark alone. The Nordics is probably easier to spot on a map but hopefully by addressing Europe some of it will affect us here. I'm for sure going to do what I can to make sure the campaigns stops by Northern Europe as well.

Will IBM and Lotus ever turn into stealth bombers flying in perfect formation? I'm not sure and I'm not even sure that's the desired goal. I would however love to see more awareness brought to the Lotus brand and maybe make sure the analogy is a Hercules transport plane rather than the Hindenburg. It may not be lean and advanced and maybe we don't have an full fighter wing but we know we can trust it and it's there to help us with air cover and at least call in some guys that can help us win the battle.

If you do not get the reference check this post out: LMAO - Air cover as provided by leading software companies


My dear fiancee captured this picture - am I a Twitterholic? :-)

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Yellowday - spreading the word

Picture courtesy of Nathan T Freeman.

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LotusScript.doc v2 beta is eminent

Just a quick note to inform you who are interested that a LotusScript.doc v2 beta is eminent. It's currently out at two select people who are stress testing it and feedback is great. Performance seems to be a major selling points among a brand new engine entirely in Java. A few more adjustments and a public beta should be ready. Follow @lsdoc on Twitter for updates.

Domino Server Extensions: RunJava or Eclipse Plugins? - PLEASE GO VOTE!!

A little while back I mentioned that Bob Balfe was inquiring about Domino server extensions in Java and whether it was of interest to us as developers (JavaAPI for Servertasks - Documented and Supported). Interesting? Are you kidding me? It would be VERY interesting.

Now Bob in his blog post "Domino Server Extensions: RunJava or Eclipse Plugins?" is asking which extension mechanism we would prefer so PLEASE GO VOTE! This is really important and would make the Domino server much more approachable and much easier extensible.

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LotusScript.doc v2 soon coming to a Notes client near you

Just a very quick note to say that LotusScript.doc v2 is coming out soon! This morning I sent it of to two early testers before releasing a public beta 1 to the web.

Phil Zimmermann - The Zfone Project

An interesting podcast from IT Conversations on the Zfone project which is the latest project from PGP creator Phil Zimmermann to encrypt VOIP calls over the internet. Worth a listen for sure.

Phil Zimmermann - The Zfone Project

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