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Results from LotusScript.doc v.2 survey

Some time back I asked you to complete a survey on how you use LotusScript.doc and I'm happy that 60 of you did. I'm very pleased by the results and for the sake of transparency I'm posting the results below. Now I'll take a look at the results and ponder a little... :-)

1. Do you currently use LotusScript.doc v.1?
Yes = 66,7%
No = 33,3%

2. Which version of Domino Designer do you use?
8.5.1 beta = 18.3%
8.5.1 as soon as possible = 11.7%
8.5 1 = 6.7%
8.0.2 = 11.7%
8.0.1 = 3.3%
8.0 = 3.3%
7.0.x = 28.3%
6.5.x or older = 6.7%

3. Do you develop on multiple machines with different Domino Designer version?
Yes = 71.7%
No = 28.3%

4. Do you develop applications in collaboration with others?
Yes = 86.7%
No = 13.3%

5. Which of the below statements best characterizes the way you develop applications?
I write ALL my LotusScript code in script libraries = 23.3%
I write LotusScript code in the events and actions on forms and views (hardly ever use script libraries) = 1.7%
I write LotusScript where it makes sense (sometimes in script libraries, sometimes in forms/views) = 75.0%

6. Do you normally generate the documentation using LotusScript.doc scheduled on the server or manually on the client?
Scheduled on the server = 21.7%
Manually on the client = 78.3%

7. Please prioritize how you would prefer to read the documentation from LotusScript.doc (1 being the format you would like the most, 5 being the format you would like the least)

Notes rich text8.3%22.9%22.9%27.1%18.8%
External application8.3%8.3%8.3%11.1%63.9%
Plug-in for Domino Designer on Eclipse22.4%28.6%22.4%18.4%8.2%

8. What is your preferred comment style?
LotusScript.doc style (LotusScript'ified javadoc syntax) = 69.0%
%REM section style = 31.0%

9. Do you prefer to write your documentation inside or outside the class/sub/function?
Outside = 46.7%
Inside = 53.3%

10. Would you use a solution that allowed you to incrementally build/update the documentation as you save design elements?
Yes = 85.0%
No = 15.0%

Avatar: RobShaver

Re: Results from LotusScript.doc v.2 survey

Please forgive my prejudice.

I guess because of my positive experience with C/C++ and my negative experience with Basic (back when it had line numbers and no subroutines), I took to Java like a duck to water and despised all things derived from Basic.

I have written a fare about of LotusScript when I have to deal with the Notes Client UI and even tried object oriented LotusScript, but whenever possible I write Java for use in Notes/Domino. So I'm always surprised to find folks still using it and even liking it.

I've looked back in your blog but haven't discovered any hints. What is LotusScript.doc?
Avatar: Mikkel Heisterberg

Re: Results from LotusScript.doc v.2 survey

LotusScript.doc is an application for generating HTML documentation like javadoc from LotusScript code. For more info see the lsdoc tag (http://lekkimworld.com/tags/lsdoc/) or the LotusScript.doc website (http://www.lsdoc.org) which I confess need major work.

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