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planetlotus.org evolution

planetlotus.org tracked 192 Lotus blogs after Lotusphere 2008. I just checked again and we're now up to 329 - wow!

LS2J rules!

I know it has limitations and that it has issues but today it worked like a charm. I was asked to write a library in LotusScript to resolve groups and nested groups from Active Directory into an array of users. It had to be cross platform which ruled out COM and ActiveX controls even if I had been able to find any.

The solution was of cause to write the code in Java using JNDI (Java Naming and Directory Interface) and then write a thin wrapper class in LotusScript using LS2J (LotusScript to Java bridge supplied with Notes out-of-the-box). Now I have a cross-platform solution that has no external dependencies. Beautiful!

So learn Java already! :-)

IBM software available in the Amazon Cloud

Today I received an e-mail from Amazon Web Services (AWS) stating that IBM and Amazon has partnered up to provide IBM (and Lotus) software in the Amazon EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud). How cool is that!?

We are excited to announce that IBM and Amazon Web Services have teamed up to provide you with the ability to build and run a range of IBM applications using the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) service. This relationship will enable you to bring your own IBM licenses to Amazon EC2, utilize IBM's "Development" AMIs, or leverage the "Production" Amazon EC2 running IBM service. The initial list of IBM environments that will be available includes: IBM DB2, IBM Informix, WebSphere sMash, IBM Lotus Web Content Management, and IBM WebSphere Portal Server.

More info on the AWS partner page.

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