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Quick survey: What would it take to get you started with Java in Notes?

Update: Let's focus on Java development for Notes - not necessarily plug-ins but simply what would it take to get started with Java - the programming language as that is the first obstacle.

I'm running across quite a lot of people who would like to do sidebar plug-ins and general plug-in development for the Notes 8 platform but who are lacking the Java skills required. Many times they haven't actually taken the time to learn Java at all since the IDE support in Domino Designer is so poor. Based on this I started thinking about how to get Notes developers started developing in Java. So...

What would it take for you to get started with Java in Notes?

  1. Up-to-date editor in Domino Designer - I wont use anything else!
  2. If it is made easy to develop, test and debug in Eclipse I can live with manually having to move the code to Notes for production use.
  3. It's not the tool support which is the problem - it's the lack of time, documentation, API's, management support or this other thing (please state reason)
  4. I'm not at all interested in Java - I want to develop plug-ins using a scripting language.
  5. Other (please state reason)

Please post your response as a comment and a little explanation if you chose "Other". If you chose option 2 I might just have a solution for you... :-)