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Notes 8.5/Eclipse variables

After upgrading to Notes 8.5 GOLD I had to reconfigure my Eclipse IDE for Notes 8.5 as previously described (Configure Eclipse 3.4 for Notes 8.5). For this I needed the new install_id and rcp.base_version and thought I would share.

rcp.home=<Notes binary diretory>\framework

Avatar: Max

Re: Notes 8.5/Eclipse variables

Hi Mikkel,

do you know where I can find the install_id you are referring to for my notes installation?

Also I went through your article regarding how to configure eclipse 3.4 for Notes 8.5 (great info by the way) and would appreciate if you could let me know how i can test the configuration to verify everything is setup correctly.

Please let me know.

Thank you


Avatar: Mikkel Heisterberg

Re: Notes 8.5/Eclipse variables

If you look in the rcplauncher.properties file in <Notes>/framework/rcp you'll see a line called rcp.install.id containing the install_in (rcp.install.id=1233734589660 for Notes 8.5 GOLD).

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