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SWT visual designer

Up to now I have been doing all my Notes 8.5 sidebar UI development manually and coding the UI by hand which is and has been fine. Now getting a WYSIWYG editor is becoming increasingly important both for quick development, demos and for education situations. I went searching for one and found SWT Designer from Instantiations. The editor looks very, very nice (take a look at the demos) and being priced at 239 USD also very competitive from a price standpoint.

My search continues for alternatives but this looks very attractive.

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Lotusphere 2009: Seriously - last post about my demos!!!

My brain must have been taken out with the fever as I have only uploaded compressed versions of the update site and not the actual Eclipse projects. I have now uploaded importable Eclipse projects and you can download them from the session page.

Notes 8.5/Eclipse variables

After upgrading to Notes 8.5 GOLD I had to reconfigure my Eclipse IDE for Notes 8.5 as previously described (Configure Eclipse 3.4 for Notes 8.5). For this I needed the new install_id and rcp.base_version and thought I would share.

rcp.home=<Notes binary diretory>\framework