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Lotusphere 2009: Badge stickers

I got back from the US yesterday and hung my Lotusphere 2009 badge in my office with the rest of them and again got surprised by the number of stickers I managed to attain. Blogger, exhibitor/sponsor, speaker, press/analyst, bdday and of cause the Danish flag... :-) Wow! The press/analyst I got because it was the only one I didn't have (besides the IBM ones).

Avatar: Richard Schwartz

Re: Lotusphere 2009: Badge stickers

But you only have one button.  I have 3 ;-)
Avatar: Lars Olufsen

Re: Lotusphere 2009: Badge stickers

Mikkel, you forget to mention that you pretty much missed out on the entire conference due to having the Flu! I think it puts your stickers in perspective!  ;-)

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