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I'm trying to create script libraries using DXL - possible?

I have spent a little time this weekend trying to create Java script libraries (that is script libraries with Java code and not "JavaScript" libraries) from scratch using DXL. Exporting the DXL of a script library with a jar-file imported into it yields some base64 in a <javaarchive /> tag. The base64 data is however not decodable as it's not valid base64. Base on prior experiences with this kind of stuff I tried decoding the bytes but without success.

The header in base64 is (or at leas to a multiple of 4 characters) is "UEsDBBQACAAIAKyEATkAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUAAAA". I guess the beginning is probably a CDFILEHEADER struct (based on prior help) but I'm unable to decode it... :-(

The struct should start with a DSIG struct (16 bit unsigned integer and a 32 bit unsigned integer) but I'm unable to get anything that makes sense. I end up with 20555 for the first WORD but that doesn't "compute". Bummer!

If you've done any work on this and is willing to share please drop me a comment. Thanks.

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