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Lotusphere 2009: A nice session review

Thanks to Andrew Pollack for this one:

This session, delivered by Mikkel Heisterberg -- was tailor made for me. I've done no plug in development because despite knowing Java and knowing Notes, when it came to plug-in development I didn't know where to start or what was really feasible. I know the information is out there, but it takes time to go find it and figure it all out. Mikkel put together a session that was absolutely everything I needed to know to start building plug-ins immediately -- and not a single thing I didn't need. This was all signal, no noise and perfectly leveled for someone in my position. Another developer I talked to on the way out called it "three months of head banging frustration skipped over as a result of reading a dozen slides."

Lotusphere 2009: Last post about the demos I promise

OK last post about the session demos - really! Don't know what I did to create a 7 mb archive and even worse an archive you couldn't unpack but I just created new RAR and ZIP versions both around 600 KB so download away.

Lotusphere 2009: Lotus changes the game!

I might have been out sick all day yesterday but I've seen enough during the week to be confirmed in the fact that IBM Lotus is changing the game when it relates to collaboration. XPages is great and will change the way applications are developed for the platform. This has been discussed online in the Yellow Bubble earlier but to see the XPage excitement by "the general public" is new and very nice to see.

XPages is a game changer. No doubt about it!

Seeing the stuff that Stephan Wissel showed in his Practical DXL Magic session only confirmed this. Remember that XPages is just XML underneath and one of his demos Stephan demoed how to create XPages from Notes view and Notes forms using DXL and XSLT. Now try to do equivalent stuff on any other platform!

Great stuff!

Lotusphere 2009: Added RAR-version of demos

I just added a (Win)RAR-version of the archive with the demos from my session to the blog so head over to the session page to download it.

Lotusphere 2009: AD215 - Practical DXL Magic

Just sat through Stephan Wissels session on DXL and it was great. Good slides, not too many of them, excellent demos and altogether a great session. Way to go!

Below are the cliff notes.

  • IResource in DDE returns DXL
  • DXL Studio by Stephan Wissel
  • DXL Explorer
  • Setting setForceNoteFormat="true" makes export round trip safe but not usable for anything else than round tripping (== binary)
  • stream out has to be UTF-8
  • Switch of "Compile LotusScript" to avoid script related import options; you can always recompile later
  • Watch out for line break issues; improvements needed; work from DOM tree in memory
  • If export fails try exporting design elements one by one; issue is probably a race condition as an 88 millisecond wait between design elements makes it work
  • Get a decent XSLT/XPath editor - NO Notepad/vi
  • Approx. 156k lines of LotusScript in all IBM templates - thought it would be more (based on 69 templates
  • Cocomo tool for estimating how much time it takes to redo code
  • Cool demo showing how to transform a view to a XPage, some copy/pasting required but it works like a charm
  • Even cooler demo transforming a view to a XPage, again copy/pasting required but worked perfectly

Lotusphere 2009: What should be part of TEK CHECK?

Those who do not speak at Lotusphere might not know this but as a speaker you are required to go to the presentation venue the night before your presentation and do a mandatory TEK CHECK. This is basically to make your computer can connect to the presentation projector etc. Seeing my share of sessions this week it has again become clear that a couple of checks should be added to the TEK CHECK or added to the presentation check that also occurs before the presentation.

Some would say that it's basic presentation guidelines but I think the following should be enforced:

  • If using bullets keep it to 5 or 6 per slide
  • Don't use a font smaller than 20 points
  • If showing code use a proportional font such as Courier
  • If demoing in an IDE remember to increase the font size
  • Make sure the resolution you're using still allows for people to read the slides and demos clearly from the back rows

Lotusphere 2009: Blue man group in the OGS

The video is good but the performance at the OGS was much better and longer. The way they mixed it up and added Blue man group to the Sametime demo was fun as well. Now we have to wait and see if Carl Tyler will dress up as Blue Man tomorrow for Gurupalooza.

Lotusphere 2009: Getting better

So I'm slowly getting better. After having tried to ignore being sick for Sunday and Monday I finally gave in on Tuesday and went to bed with a high fever. I'm slowly getting better and I seem to have gotten rid of the fever this afternoon (Wednesday afternoon). I'm probably going to skip the party tonight hoping I'll be able to do the last conference day tomorrow.

Lotusphere 2009: Tuesday program

Here's my program for Tuesday:

  • 8-9.45, SHOW109 (mobile apps), SW Osprey
  • 10-11, AD213, CompApp components, DL N Hem. A-C
  • 11.15-12.15, BP207, Domino Admin to WAS Admin, SW 3-4
  • 12.30-2.15, SHOW105, Sidebar safari, SW Osprey
  • 3-4, UCC keynote, Dolphin N Hem.
  • 4.30-6, Blogger-only thing
  • 7-??, customer dinner at Shulas

Quite a packed program today.

Lotusphere 2009: BP106 demos etc.

The session demo code, presentation etc. can be found at lekkimworld.com/pages/lotusphere2009.html

Lotusphere 2009: Tweeting the OGS

Follow me on Twitter to see my tweets from the Lotusphere 2009 OGS.

Lotusphere 2009: In front to the side at the OGS

...in a yellow bean bag. Loving it! :-)

Lotusphere 2009: My session is today at 1PM

My session is today at 1PM and even though my throat is sore I think I'll manage. My girlfriend did send me off this morning with a nice bag'o'drugs so I'll be fine. Besides the health the presentation and demos are ready and the demos has also been canned as a movie for safety. The session will have a give-away as well as 14 plug-in examples so we'll see how many I get to cover. Bummer the session is only an hour.

See you at 1 PM in Swan Pelican?

Lotusphere 2009: Real highlight of the day

OK so the highlight of the day wasn't seeing TwitNotes on screen in the BDDay OGS although nice! :-) The highlight was the "live painting" by Dan Dunn. Amazing!!

In tribute to the Lotusphere 2009 BDDay theme of Renaissance Dan Dunn painted Mona Lisa. Truly amazing!!

Lotusphere 2009: Highlight of the day? Seeing TwitNotes at the BDDay OGS :-)

So TwitNotes was showcased during the Business Development Day Opening General Session in Chris Crummeys somewhat unlucky demo where he had to switch to backup video. I think it will remain as a testament to why you have backup slides. Nice to see TwitNotes there! :-)

Lotusphere 2009: Feeling a little under the weather

Man I'm feeling bad right now. Don't know if I already caught the conference cold but it doesn't feel right. I have a sore throat which isn't very nice as I'm presenting tomorrow afternoon at 1PM.

Lotusphere 2009: I have arrived

So I arrived last night at the Swan hotel after a long day of travel from Copenhagen, via Frankfurt to Orlando. I was in the hotel around 9.30 PM so that was nice. Even nicer since I, after a pizza and a beer, slept through the night so I'm hoping to have beat most of the 6 hour time difference. I remain to be proven right though... :-)

Today (Saturday) is for relaxing if I manage to fix the last bug in a product and then BALD later. Maybe a little shopping with my Fiancee as well.

Special Notes URL's

The Deployment of NSF based Composite Applications with Components in the same NSF post in the Composite Application wiki describes three special Notes URL's that can make your life easier if developing CompApps or sidebar components. E.g. using notes:///0000000000000E00 is an easy way to open your mail database.

Lotusphere 2009: Showoff of what have I been doing these past two weeks?

The weeks leading up to Lotusphere is always crunch time but this year it has been worse than previous years. I have been head down with work almost non-stop the last 2 weeks. It has been rewarding though. I just finished the last beta of the next version of our sidebar plug-in for our group calendar product and if I may say so myself it kicks as...

If you want to see it in action stop by our booth on the showcase floor or watch this Flash movie (7mb) showing it off (it's a bit heavy to load).

Now what was my Lotusphere presentation on again? :-)

Lotusphere 2009: Bloggers program

As others (at least Mitch and John) I feel obligated to let everyone know that I have been selected to be part of the Lotusphere 2009 Bloggers program. Not sure that it changes anything though. Members of the Bloggers program will be sporting a "Blogger" sticker on their badge which makes for an interesting way to block being scanned in the showcase as I'll be having a Speakers sticker, a Blogger sticker, a BDDay sticker and an Exhibitor sticker. Wow!

Besides all this blogging has been slow lately as I'm slowly surfacing after 8 days of non-stop work getting a cool sidebar plug-in product ready for Lotusphere. You should come see it at our booth in the showcase. Besides that I'm looking forward to hooking up with people.

I'm leaving for Florida in 3 days! Man I'm looking forward to it.

LotusScript.doc v2 - an update on the progress

Besides working way too much I have spent a good part of my Holidays working on LotusScript.doc version 2 and I'm happy to say that it is very close to completion. I have spent a great deal of time finalizing the logging framework and building the Notes/Java bridge to allow you to run LotusScript.doc from a Notes database instead of as a command line program. I also needed to weed out some issues in this regard which is why I have been blogging issues such as configuring the java.policy file and the maximum Java heap size.

To clarify...

LotusScript.doc v2 is out in a very, very limited prebeta 1 with one person besides me to try and weed out the most serious issues before releasing a beta. Again a beta, at least the first, will only go out to a select number of people to try and keep track of who has what release.

The goals for the functionality of LotusScript.doc v2 are very big but for starters I'm going for feature parity with LotusScript v1. Then once the new technology is out there I'm going to start enabling the new and advanced features.

Thank you for your patience.

LotusScript.doc v2 - required Java heap changes

Strong: Just to clarify - LotusScript.doc v2 isn't out yet. It is out in a very, very limited prebeta 1 (one person besides me) in preparation for a more general beta process hopefully in the very near future. See this post for a clarification on the progress.

As you might know LotusScript.doc v2 is written in Java instead of LotusScript. This means that you have to make some minor changes to your Notes client to make it work. One of the settings you need to change is the size of the Java heap that is the amount of memory allocated to Java objects.

To change that you need to set the JavaMaxHeapSize notes.ini parameter as described in the Lotus Notes and Domino wiki. Although the wiki describes the setting as only being applicable to Domino servers it works just as fine for my test Notes client (8.0.2 Standard in this case). To change the setting add the following to your notes.ini (do check whether it is already set):


LotusScript.doc v2 - java.policy changes required

Strong: Just to clarify - LotusScript.doc v2 isn't out yet. It is out in a very, very limited prebeta 1 (one person besides me) in preparation for a more general beta process hopefully in the very near future. See this post for a clarification on the progress.

LotusScript.doc v2 uses java.util.logging as its underlying logging framework. To spice things up a little it also uses some internal magic to ease troubleshooting and provide easy debugging. One of these tricks is to print out the XPath expression of the element being processed in the log. More on this another time.

In order to use java.util.logging and set custom Handlers and Formatters you need to tweek the java.policy a little bit. It's quite easy as the only thing you have to add to your <Notes binary directory</jvm/lib/security/java.policy file is the following in the first "grant" section:

permission java.util.logging.LoggingPermission "control";

Here is a link to a default java.policy file and a changed java.policy file.

I'm trying to create script libraries using DXL - possible?

I have spent a little time this weekend trying to create Java script libraries (that is script libraries with Java code and not "JavaScript" libraries) from scratch using DXL. Exporting the DXL of a script library with a jar-file imported into it yields some base64 in a <javaarchive /> tag. The base64 data is however not decodable as it's not valid base64. Base on prior experiences with this kind of stuff I tried decoding the bytes but without success.

The header in base64 is (or at leas to a multiple of 4 characters) is "UEsDBBQACAAIAKyEATkAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUAAAA". I guess the beginning is probably a CDFILEHEADER struct (based on prior help) but I'm unable to decode it... :-(

The struct should start with a DSIG struct (16 bit unsigned integer and a 32 bit unsigned integer) but I'm unable to get anything that makes sense. I end up with 20555 for the first WORD but that doesn't "compute". Bummer!

If you've done any work on this and is willing to share please drop me a comment. Thanks.

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JarPlug Eclipse plug-in

The extensible nature of Eclipse is simply amazing. I needed a way to look inside a jar-file which is isn't on the build path in Eclipse which isn't "natively" possible with Eclipse. What did I do? I did a quick Google search and 5 minutes later I had JarPlug installed and working. Then after opening this viewpart when selecting any jar-file in the workspace the contents is shown. How nice is that! :-)

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