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Installing Lotus Expeditor Toolkit 6.2 - there's an issue with the instructions

In preparation for my Lotusphere session I installed Lotus Expeditor toolkit 6.2 on top of a clean Eclipse 3.4 install in order to test it out. One of the things I noticed was that there is an error in the install guidelines - not critical but if you're new to Eclipse you might be stumped. The documentation also fails to mention how to configure the Toolkit once installed. Read on...

The error is in the doc/index.html in step 5 where it states

"Select Add Site and browse to the drive 
and directory where the Lotus Expeditor 
Toolkit update site zip file is located 
and click OK."
The problem is that the Expeditor toolkit that I downloaded from IBM Partnerworld didn't have a zip-file but instead an unpacked update site. In my case step 5 should instead be
"Select Add Site and browse to the drive 
and directory where you unpacked the Lotus 
Expeditor Toolkit and select the 
Expeditor_Toolkit_install directory and 
click OK."
The remaining steps are fine and installing the toolkit is almost easy... There is one caveat the documentation fails to mention and that's how to fill in the dialog that pops up once the Toolkit has been installed and Eclipse has been restarted. I fill in the dialog as follows (with Notes 8.5 installed in C:\Program Files\Notes 8):
  • Lotus Notes 8
  • C:\Program Files\Notes8\framework\rcp\eclipse
  • jre6
  • 1.5
  • Display the first time a new workspace opens