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SWT @ Notes 8: Network awareness from SWT components

One of the big strengths of having Notes 8 built in Lotus Expeditor is that you have access to all the functionality of the underlying Expeditor platform including its services. On if the nice ones is that you can be notified when the underlying network connectivity is available and/or unavailable.

RESTlets in Jersey

REST services are very in so you might want to read this article (Configuring JSON for RESTful Web Services in Jersey 1.0) on how to use the Jersey REST framework. RESTlets is another Java API trying to standardize how to develop REST services using Java.

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Doclinks and default views

After spending a fair time troubleshooting an agent that send out e-mail I found the problem and the reason it didn't run. Once again it was because you apparently cannot create a doclink to a document in a database that doesn't have a default view. Why that is I do not know but that was the case... Again! I seen this before but it continues to amaze me.