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Lotusphere 2009: (OGS) predictions

As last year I have been thinking about that may be in store for us at the opening general session (OGS) at Lotusphere 2009. I really think that the IBM Lotus strategy is becoming clearer and clearer and that customers are starting to pick up on the ideas and get on board. Let's just hope that recent developments doesn't mess it up for IBM Lotus. I heard that a certain blogger may attend Lotusphere and I hope that she'll get her facts straightened out and get up to speed on the Notes platform. If not I know that we at Intravision would love to show of the Notes 8 platform to demonstrate that the Notes client is far from what it once was.

Anyways - on to the predictions.

OGS predictions

  • Sametime interoperability with MSN via for-pay bridging service (they may save this one for the Sametime "OGS")
  • Announcement of public beta of Project Atlantic
  • Sametime 8.5/9.0 announced
  • Lotus Foundations, (native) support for Sametime and Quickr
  • Most, if not all, demos done on Notes 8.5 for Mac and/or for Linux
  • Demo of pure developer, all Linux, workstation with Notes and Designer...
  • Someone will actually stumble and fall off the stage and use of dry ice in both the OGS and OCS... :-)

What are yours?