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Lotusphere 2009: MyWidgets / LiveText / search provider demo

While MyWidgets and LiveText isn't a part of my session at Lotusphere it still makes a lot of sense in this demo. It shows how Notes 8 provides alternative ways of performing the same task - searching for a package by its track and trace number is this case. One option is using LiveText and another is using a custom search provider. The astute reader will immediately see that this is an extension of the IBM whois plug-in I posted about the other day.

Using Wink I did a Flash movie that shows the demo.

TwitNotes - 1.0.6 released to the update site

I just released TwitNotes 1.0.6 to the update site and if you're using TwitNotes you should upgrade. The reason for the update isn't functionality but because twitter.com changed the way the API method for verifying credentials works. For more info see the comments to my post from last night (TwitNotes stopped working today :-().

To upgrade simply follow the installation guidelines on the TwitNotes page.

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