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TwitNotes stopped working today :-(

Don't know if twitter.com changed the API or the service is just unreliable but today the service stopped working for me using TwitNotes. I get a "CWPST0071E: The maximum number of login attempts has been exceeded." and some funny stacktraces in the log of the Notes client. I also see a "java.net.UnknownHostException: twitter.com" message. Using the website works fine though using the same username/password combination.

I will look into it.

Avatar: Brian

Re: TwitNotes stopped working today :-(

It might be coincidence, but I was putting TwitNotes on a fresh 8.5 install today and get this in the trace:

Cookie rejected: ... Illegal domain attribute ".twitter.com". Domain of origin: "twitter.com"

org.apache.commons.httpclient.HttpMethodBase .processResponseHeaders

It always worked for me in the past on 8.5.


Re: TwitNotes stopped working today :-(

Look forward to a fix, getting use to having twitter in the sidebar, nice work.
Avatar: Handly Cameron

Re: TwitNotes stopped working today :-(

Twirl had to rush out an update today due to a Twitter API change.  According to their forums, it was something to do with the login process.
Avatar: Mikkel Heisterberg

Re: TwitNotes stopped working today :-(

Yeah the api was changed. Previously twitter simply returned {"authorized":true} when verifying credentials but now they return a complete user object. A fix has been made and will go on the update site soon.
Avatar: shubham

Re: TwitNotes stopped working today :-(

Do u have any idea How to use OAuth for Android Application.

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