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Developing plug-ins for Domino Designer in Eclipse (DDE)

With Notes 8.5 just around the corner we also have Domino Designer for Eclipse (DDE) just around the corner. Domino Designer being built on Eclipse opens up the door for plug-in developers and tool vendors to provide tools that plug-in into Designer just like (sidebar) plug-ins plug into the Notes client. The API's are the same so the stuff you already know can be reused.

Please note: The below requires that you're running a Notes 8.5 beta with DDE and that your Eclipse IDE is configured for Notes 8.5. See this post for instructions on configuring Eclipse for Notes 8.5.

Developing plug-ins for DDE is however a little tricky as the Expeditor Toolkit or my own instructions will launch the Notes client and not DDE. Unfortunately you can't just launch DDE once Notes is launched from Eclipse since this will result in a Notes initialization error as Notes is already running and DDE is launched anew. That aside it would also be unnecessarily time consuming for day-to-day development.

The solution is to edit your existing Eclipse launch configuration (or create a new) that launches DDE instead of Notes. So how do you do it? Read on...

First bring up your Notes launch configuration. Now change the "Run a product" dropdown to "com.ibm.designer.domino.product.dde" and then switch to the "Arguments"-tab and change the "Program arguments" field from

-personality com.ibm.rcp.platform.personality
-product com.ibm.notes.branding.notes
-nl en_US
-personality com.ibm.designer.domino.personality
-product com.ibm.designer.domino.product.dde
-nl en_US

Apply the settings and run the configuration and notice how DDE now launches instead of Notes. Don't you just love Eclipse?

Now we just need some published extension points...