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Lotusphere 2009: Cool demo - if I may say so myself :-)

My Lotusphere session preparation is in full swing and as previously mentioned this includes preparing demos.

The latest one I have done is about drag'n'drop and how you can use it to do some cool stuff. The demo shows how you can drag text from an e-mail to a sidebar plug-in and have the sidebar plug-in accept the drop. Then when you drag the text from the sidebar plug-in it is converted into a PDF document hence drag'n'drop from the sidebar plug-in results in a file. Text in - file out.

Using Wink I did a Flash movie that shows the demo.

Think how this could be extended to converting product items to PDF for custom quotations on the fly...

Notes 8 - impossible is nothing

Part of going out and preaching the extensible nature of Notes 8 is having a presentation and demos to back it up. The demos I have but I have been working on the presentation and a graphic for the closing slide. You can see the result so far on the right. It's clear that I'm not a graphics wizard but I did manage to follow a description on how to create a rubber stamp effect on top of the Notes 8 graphics.

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Lotusphere 2009: Demo showing off the extensibility of Notes 8

Part of my preparation for Lotusphere is preparing my session presentation as well as preparing demos for the session. One of the demos is an example of the different extension points available to you as a plug-in developer. As a general rule most of what you see in Notes 8 can be extended.

The demo I did this afternoon is a demo that shows how you might extend the search capability of Lotus Notes by adding your own search provider. In lack of better example I did an search provider that searches the IBM whois service. When the plug-in is loaded you see an additional entry in the search box in the upper right corner of the Notes client. When you submit the search I search the IBM whois service, parse the resulting HTML page and present the results in main search result UI. All in all the demo took me 1,5 hours to do with the HTML parsing being the most difficult part.

Imagine a similar plug-in for your organization to search for license codes, product numbers, DHL tracking codes... The possibilities are endless.

If you're looking for specific demos you would like to see please let me know...

TOP 10 REASONS to upgrade to Notes 8.5 & Domino 8.5


  1. Drag/Drop of Text within rich text editor
  2. Offline support for Activities
  3. Choose from multiple addresses for a person in typeahead
  4. Ability to make your own views look like the PIM views
  5. Forward contact as vCard (along with better import/export)
  6. iNotes improvements (e.g. calendar support in Lite mode)
  7. Roaming user available with new file-based option
  8. Support of ID Vault and Single Logon
  9. Mac OS 10.5 (Leopard) and Ubuntu Linux support
  10. Calendar federation
  1. Expanded platform choices
  2. Increased reliability
  3. Dynamic group policies
  4. Improved router scalability
  5. I/O use reduction
  6. Domino Configuration Tuner (DCT)
  7. Domino Designer for Eclipse (DDE)
  8. XPages
  9. ID Vault
  10. Domino Attachment and Object Service (DAOS)

Some general reasons to upgrade to Domino 8.5: You can benefit by upgrading to Domino 8.5 even if the clients are on 8.0.x or earlier. Some of the benefits available:

  • Disk savings of 40% - 60%
  • Server consolidation
  • Application development modernization
  • Improved quality of service

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Lotusphere 2009: Lineup revealed

As Ed posted the complete lineup for Lotusphere 2009 has been revealed at it looks like an impressive lineup as always. This year is going to be all about Lotus Expeditor, Composite applications, Sametime, Connections and XPages. Actually putting together a schedule incl. managing showcase duty is going to be difficult.

If you're registered for the conference you should also have received the e-mail that lets you vote for the sessions and BOF's you would like to see at the conference.

I'm at BP106 in case you wondered... :-)

Lotusphere 2009: Session abstract and thoughts on the session

As posted previously I'm so fortunate as have been given a session slot at Lotusphere 2009. The session is titled "From Notes Java developer to Notes 8 plugin developer" and have the below abstract.

"Attend this session to learn the basics for leveraging your Notes Java development skills to start building plugins for the Notes 8.x client. Learn about the extensible nature of Notes 8, how to build plugins (not just for the sidebar) and how to create your own extension points to allow your plugins to be extensible. Bring your Eclipse IDE..."

I have loads of contents for the session and I'm trying to figure out how to limit myself and how to best provide all the information I would like to convey. I'm thinking of trying to gather a set of downloads to go with the session and a couple of followup blog posts to furter elaborate on the demos I showed. I already have about 10 fully documented sample sidebar plug-ins for people attending the session and I create more every day showing everything from basic viewers to animation to REST API usage to drag'n'drop to basic Notes data access while retaining a responsive UI.

If you have specific questions let me know by commenting on the blog. I'm very interested in hearing what YOU want to hear about and if YOU have specific questions.

I'm at Dannotes today

I'm at the Dannotes user conference today (Danish Notes User Group) doing a demo of Lotus Foundations, how to install it, how to configure it and just how easy it is to configure Domino on it. Should be fun.

Lotusphere 2009: I'll be presenting a session

I'm happy to say that I once again will be speaking at Lotusphere. This time the title of the session will be "From Notes Java Developer to Notes 8 Plug-in Developer" and it will be in the Best Practices track. I'm very excited about this and I'm already off trying to figure out how to squeeze 3-5 hours worth of stuff into 1 hour. It should be fun... :-)

Oh Bruce - wake up!!

Upgrading a Lotus Connections Pilot install

For testing etc. internally I use a Lotus Connections 2.x Pilot install which is working fine for me. Now that 2.0.0 FP1 has been out for some time and 2.0.1 has been released I have wanting to update my install. If nothing else to make sure it worked with Firefox 3. As previously blogged it is quite easy to update Connections if you know how. Before starting I had my doubts if it was possible at all to upgrade a Pilot install but I had to try.

For starters I wanted to get my install up to 2.0.0 FP1 and it worked perfectly! Upgrading to 2.0.1 will be the topic for another morning but based on these results it shouldn't be a problem. Please note that you have to be a 2.0.0 FP1 in order for you to go to 2.0.1.

Below is the command line I used to upgrade my LC Pilot from 2.0.0 to 2.0.0 FP1 (installed to D:\IBM). I basically followed my own instructions posted here.

D:\IBM\LotusConnections\WebSphere\LotusConnections\update>updateLC.bat -fixpack -install -installDir d:\ibm\lotusconnections\websphere\lotusconnections -fixpackDir d:\ibm\Lotusconnections\websphere\lotusconnections\update\fixes -fixpackID LC2001_Fixpack -wasUserId lcuser -wasPassword password

Lotus Connections 2.0.1 available

As posted by Luis Benitez Lotus Connections 2.0.1 as been shipped.

This quarter we shipped Lotus Connections 2.0.1 (on Halloween). If you are upgrading, you can download it from IBM's Fix Central. One question that I'm continuously asked is: "what's new in Lotus Connections v2.0.1?". Well, here's a list of what I've gathered:

  • Quickr integration with Activities - Push-button publication from an Activity into one of your Quickr Places for permanent document storage
  • Quickr integration with Communities - Allows communities to use Quickr as their content repository and document collaboration platform.
  • Enhanced person card
  • E-mail is no longer a required attribute (great for external implementations)
  • New feeds inside of Communities
  • New feeds for forums
  • New APIs for Activities, Blogs, Communities, Homepage (federated search), Profiles
  • Hidden support for STLinks (more about this later)
  • User Interface and Usability enhancements, for example:
    • Can now save members as part of an activity template
    • Drag-n-drop activities entries
    • Uploading images to a blog is now easier
    • Improvements in the Activities widget
    • Easier way to work with multiple bookmarks
    • A couple of bug fixes

Dragging Sametime buddies around

I have been playing a little with the drag'n'drop support in the Notes 8.5 beta client and found out that a VCard is created the you drag a Sametime contact to a place that accepts dragging files to (this probably also works in earlier versions). This means that dragging a Sametime buddy to the desktop will create a VCard for that person. Nice! Dragging the buddy to an e-mail (or other place which accepts text transfer) will create a mailto-link.

Just one of those nice, time saving features...

rcp.install.id and rcp.base for Notes 8.5 codedrop 12