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lekkimworld.com going dark for a while

Just found out I have to change hosting provider for my blog. Since I haven't got a new provider on hand I'm going dark for a few days until I find a hosting provider that suits me. I'm looking for a place where I can host Tomcat apps and have about 1GB of storage at an affordable price. Suggestions more than welcome.

See you on the other side...

Didn't know I could do that!

Didn't know I could do that (don't know whether it was added in Eclipse 3.4) but it sure makes it easier and faster to find the plugins you need to depend on. Instead of having to remember the entire name you can use the *-character. Sweet.

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TwitNotes - why it doesn't run in Notes 8.5 beta and why IBM should care

After getting my Eclipse IDE to work with Notes 8.5 I nailed why TwitNotes doesn't work with Notes 8.5 beta yesterday. For long I was told that the main culprit was me using my own copy of org.apache.commons.httpclient but rather the version of org.apache.commons.lang that IBM supply as part of the platform was the problem.

To get TwitNotes working with Notes 8.5 I had to use both the IBM version of org.apache.commons.lang and org.apache.commons.httpclient and not my own versions. This is fine since they, among other things, provide transparent HTTP proxy support but my code wouldn't compile using the IBM plugins. The IBM version of the org.apache.commons.lang plugin is wrongly packaged though which was the source of the problems. I actually had to repackage and replace the org.apache.commons.lang plugin supplied by IBM. When I say replace I mean actually deleting the IBM version and replacing it with my patched version.

I really hope that IBM will patch the plug-in before releasing Expeditor 6.2 and Notes 8.5.

Getting technical the problem is the Export-Package directive in the MANIFEST.MF of the org.apache.commons.lang plugin. The IBM-supplied version only export the root-package (org.apache.commons.lang) whereas they should export all the packages. This is a utility library after all.

The issue was easy to solve but unless the patched version makes it into the core platform it wont help me as I will be unable to supply a new version of a platform plugin with the same plugin version. Cross your fingers.

Oh and IBM does care - I have actually been talking to quite a lot of IBM'ers about this and only post here to Google'ize it in case others run into the same issue. Whether the patch makes it into Expeditor 6.2/Notes 8.5 still remains to be seen though...

Notes 8.5 - interesting design refresh observation

Refreshed the design of a database modified using Domino Designer 8.5 (Eclipse version) in Notes 7.0.2 and discovered some of the new stuff now stored in the NSF. See screenshot below. Especially the WEB-INF/classes/plugin/Activator.class makes me wonder what kind of Java stuff is stored in there now...

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Eclipse 3.4 RC3 is out

Get your copy today...

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setlogrlev for Notes 8.5 from Eclipse 3.4

Using the Eclipse configuration I posted earlier the plug-in with the setlogrlev OSGi console command wouldn't launch. To solve this you can either manually to start the com.ibm.rcp.core.logger plug-in from the OSGi console or configure the config.ini file on the launch configuration. The former can be done with the below command. A description on how to do the latter has been added to the step-by-step instructions.

start com.ibm.rcp.core.logger

Configure Eclipse 3.4 for Notes 8.5 plug-in development

So ever since I got one of the first drops of Notes 8.5 and with increasing effort since the public beta of Notes 8.5 came out I have been trying to get my Eclipse IDE ready for Notes 8.5 plug-in development no without success. Shout outs to IBM have been unsuccessful... :-(

Notes 8.5 is built on Expeditor 6.2 which in turn is based on Eclipse 3.4 (codenamed Ganymede). I couldn't get my Eclipse 3.2/Expeditor 6.1 toolkit combo to work with Notes 8.5 and without an Expeditor toolkit for Expeditor 6.2 I couldn't get my Eclipse 3.3/3.4 to work.

Finally today I managed to get my Eclipse IDE configured by piecing together different pieces of information found via Google. Below is a description on how to configure the latest build of Eclipse Ganymede (3.4 RC2) for Notes 8.5 plug-in development and debugging. Only caveat I have discovered so far is that I manually have to update the classpath for SWT libraries (e.g. org.eclipse.ui.swt) every time I restart Eclipse.

Once you have gone through the steps in the description (see link below) you should be able to run plug-in projects in Eclipse 3.4 using Notes 8.5.

Good luck!! :-)

Configure Eclipse 3.4 RC2 for Notes 8.5 public beta

ILUG2008: Sidebar appdev code

Here are the demos I had the time to do at ILUG2008. I didn't get through all the demos I had planned but that's life. The zip-file contains a couple of projects you should be able to import into Eclipse.

The included projects are:

  • Basic how to build a sidebar app demo
  • Responding to the workbench - selection listener and ISelection adapting
  • Interacting with Notes data - Notes URLs, resolving URL to document, Notes threading and UI threading
  • OSGi bundle dependency demo
I have a lot more demos ready for Lotusphere! :-)

Questions? Let me know.

Demo code (ZIP)

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ILUG2008: Sidebar appdev presentation

Here are the slides I had the time to present at ILUG2008. I didn't get through all the slides or the demos I had planned but hopefully I'll get to do the full presentation at Lotusphere. I'll post some of the code snippets as well over the next few days.

Questions? Let me know.

Developing sidebar applications for Notes 8 while staying sane... (PDF)

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Notes 8.5 AppDev woes

I'm trying to get Notes 8.5 to play nice with my Eclipse IDE but without any luck. This means I can't compile anything for the Notes 8.5 beta client. I started with Eclipse 3.3 since Notes 8.5 is based on Expeditor 6.2 which is based on Eclipse 3.3 but without success as it wont install on that platform. No luck in my Eclipse 3.2 / Expeditor toolkit combo either as I either have the Notes client plug-ins avaiable (e.g. Sametime) or the Eclipse platform (org.eclipse.ui) available. Can't seem to get both working! :-(

Will post in the beta forum now...

ILUG2008: Battle of the giants

I'm back at out booth in the exhibitors area after attending Nick Shelness session titled "What are Microsoft's Plans in the Collaboration Space?". We met Nick over a pint of Guiness on Tuesday so I had already heard some of the message but it was a really good session with some very interesting contents. The bottom line? He thinks IBM/Lotus is loosing terrain to Microsoft and that Microsoft has now become that trusted partner that IBM used to be. Also he had some nice slides on how the Microsoft portfolio cover the space - I need to get a hold of them...

Besides that it was interesting to see that he appeared a little bit intimidated by the fact that the IBM'ers (especially Ed) was attending. Oh and Ed couldn't quite resist taking the bait on some of the comments... :-)

Only point where the crowd did object was when he said that Notes wasn't built for workflow. That didn't go down very well with the attendees!

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ILUG2008 session

So my session at ILUG2008 has been moved to Friday at 2:30 PM in the big room - don't know if that's a good or a bad thing. The title was rushed to the organizers due to me being too busy so on the agenda it's called "Creating power sidebar plugin" which isn't so great a title. As of now the working title is "Developing sidebar applications for Notes 8 - while staying sane..." and will address a number of topics that I had to figure out the hard way when I started doing sidebar development. I will try to address as many as possible and we'll see how far I get. Oh - and if you have specific requests let me know before the session.

If I don't get to cover it all I hope I get to do the session again at Lotusphere... :-)

See you all in Dublin tomorrow.

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Upgraded to Notes 8.5 public beta

Hmmm - doing this the day before leaving for ILUG2008. Clever thing? We'll see on Friday at 2:30 PM when I'm presenting... :-)