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Off to Paris

Tomorrow morning I'm off for an extended weekend to the cities of cities aka. Paris, France... How sweet is that!

Meeting Manager finally out

OnTime Meeting Manager is done! When I joined IntraVision in October Meeting Manager was almost ready, but not completely. Now the product is done and out the door - kudos to the team for putting in the extra hours to get the product done and out the door.

Warning - product plug comming up... :-)

The product is called OnTime Meeting Manager and is an extension of the Rooms and Resouces feature of Notes/Domino. Meeting Manager extends R&R by handling booking multiple rooms at once, across time zones, booking catering (coffee, tea, lunch etc.) and by giving you fine grained control over calendar invites. MM even lets you invite invitees based on geography which is nice to reduce travel. Below is a small snippet from the release newsletter.

"Managing meetings and facilities can be time consuming. It involves a number of people and processes within your organisation. OnTime Meeting Manager is your one-stop meeting organiser - your personal electronic assistant - dedicated to making the process of organising meetings quick and efficient, leaving you free to concentrate on what’s central to your business.

OnTime Meeting Manager focuses on streamlining the process of making invitations, booking meeting rooms, ordering catering and reserving resources. At the same time, Management gains a clear overview of all the meetings within the organisation."

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Nice feedback

I'm using Skype for all my conference calling (which has been a lot lately) and noticed a new status message I thought was very nice and that I haven't noticed before. Skype now tells you if you're talking but your microphone is muted.

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It's frightening but this link pretty much sums up my day.... A day I'll never have back! :-)

Lotus/SAP project Atlantic

Screencast demoing Project "Atlantic", the future software product integrating SAP into Lotus Notes 8 standard.

Watch the demo.

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Rearming Windows Vista

While cleaning up today I found an interesting piece of information in the Microsoft Action Pack material. It appears that the 30 day grace period of Windows Vista can be extended to 90 days by rearming the installation (you should also disable auto-activation during the installation). This is great for testing purposes.

To rearm Windows start a command-prompt with admin. privileges and run

cscript %windir%\system32\slmgr.vbs -rearm
The script can also be used to active Windows using the -ipk switch followed by the 25 digit activation code.

TwitNotes - OSGi console commands

I'm continuing to improve TwitNotes and to make it a killer demo application for Notes 8. Last night I added OSGi console commands so you can interact with the application from the OSGi console running underneath Notes 8. Thanks for Bob Balfe from IBM for sharing info on how to do this.

The example in this case is a little far fetched but it serves the point of demoing some of the capabilities you have with the platform.

A bit more on the OSGi console

Just found an article called "Explore Eclipse's OSGi console" by Chris Aniszczyk from IBM on the OSGi console. Worth a read.

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SWT@Notes 8: -console

As partly addressed by Bob Balfe there are numerous ways to debug Eclipse/SWT components in Notes 8 or Lotus Expeditor. One is as Bob mentions to launch the client using the -console switch so the OSGi console is displayed. While confusing at first the OSGi console is really your friend when developing applications. From the console you have direct access to the OSGi subsystem of Eclipse. But it isn't just for the Eclipse stuff. Since some Notes 8 components such as the property broker and topology manager have console commands you can interact with them from the console when troubleshooting/debugging.

To launch Notes 8 with the OSGi console create a new shortcut and use the following command (change the path if Notes isn't installed in c:\notes8):

"c:\notes8\framework\rcp\rcplauncher.exe" -config notes -console

Besides the -console switch the the rcplauncher.exe executable takes a number of interesting arguments. One of the really cool ones is that you can supply a port number after the -console switch to make the console listen on a telnet port. This way you can connect to a remote client using telnet.

"c:\notes8\framework\rcp\rcplauncher.exe" -config notes -console 23
Cool, cool, cool.

If you're developing Eclipse components I really suggest you look into the OSGi console as it can assist in troubleshooting bundles that fail to load due to unsatisfied requirements.

Were to start? Well when you have the console available try out these commands:

  • help: Pretty self-explanatory
  • ss: Shows all the bundles installed with their status (be aware - there's a lot of them)
  • setlogrlev: Sets the log level of individual loggers. I'll have an upcoming blog post on logging.
  • pbsh: Work with the property broker e.g. see defined wires etc.

Wow - 800 downloads!

Re: Lotus Expeditor samples

So where are the samples you ask? When you have installed the Lotus Expeditor toolkit into your Eclipse environment search the plugins directory for two plugins called com.ibm.rcp.tools.samplegallery_6.1.1.20070731 and com.ibm.rcp.tools.samplegallery2_6.1.1.20070731. Each of these two directories have an archive directory where you'll find the samples.

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Lotus Expeditor samples

See Lotus Expeditor Samples with code on Bob Balfes blog for the links.

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TwitNotes - features for 1.0.4

Just a quick update on what I'm working on for TwitNotes 1.0.4.

  • Fix bug where HTTP links take up too much space when painted (seen as a unnecessary space after a link). Done.
  • Make sure replies are retrieved as well as just status messages from the people you follow since you may otherwise miss some replies. Done.
  • Reset hover positions when auto updating the UI. Done.
  • Sort followers for direct messages in alphabetic order ignoring case. Done.
  • Minor tweaks you'll never see... :-)
  • Network awareness - no reason to go to the web if the Notes client know we're not connected.
  • Proxy support

Now I have a question to you. Which feature would you like to see next?

Sametime screencapture tool

Although I have previously been having problems with the screencapture tool in Sametime I still use it a lot. Today I was surprised to discover that it uses the clipboard to transfer data between the screencapture component and the text input box. The clipboard is also used when sending the captured data directly to the chat partner. The fact that any unsent message in the text area is lot when doing that is a topic for another post.

Using the clipboard is fine by then why isn't the contents of the clipboard restored after submitting? What if I had some important stuff on the clipboard I was using? Hmm... To me this isn't a nice user experience.

P.S.: I'm running Sametime 8 in Notes 8.0.1.

I know it's scary but I'm on the Taking Notes Podcast

Yes I know it's scary but I talked to Bruce and Julian last night and found this morning that the recording was already out. So if you want to learn more about sidebar plugins and the TwitNotes plugin in particular check out the Taking Notes podcast episode 81.

I haven't listened to the podcast yet myself so it will be interesting to hear how I came across, if I'm understandable at all and whether the content is any good. iTunes is downloading...

I felt busy last week...

...even though my calendar doesn't quite reflect that!

Just a little glitch in the CSI view framework of the Notes 8 client. Nothing major but funny too see how the appointments are drawn correctly but the text didn't quite make it to the UI.

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TwitNotes - version 1.0.3 released

It's been a while since version 1.0.2 of the TwitNotes plugin was released but the new version 1.0.3 is here now. All good things come to those who wait! :-) Installation instructions can be found here and update instructions can be found here.

The new version has a lot of new functionality that should make the plugin easier and more pleasant to use. The most noticeable new feature is probably that URL links are clickable and that you may now send direct tweets to other Twitters. This is however just the tip of the iceberg. A lot of code has been added due to the fact that some of the UI is custom painted to work around certain platform limitations. For a complete list of changes see below.

After you install version 1.0.3 from the update site you should see something like the below screenshot. Comments as always to the blog or by e-mail.


  • The message author name is now clickable to allow you to filter the list to this author
  • Twitter names in messages (e.g. @lekkim) are now recognized and clickable to filter the list of messages to messages by that user
  • Twitter names are right-clickable so you can
    • Start a new reply message to that user (start a new message with @<authorname>)
    • Start a new direct message to that user
    • Copy the name to the clipboard
  • URL links in messages are now clickable and will open in the default browser
  • URL links are right-clickable and can be copied to the clipboard
  • Hover text shown when hovering over clickable link
  • Added action in part menu to go with the above to reset the author filter
  • URL's sent through TwitNotes are automatically converted to TinyUrls using tinyurl.com
  • Right-click option to copy entire message to clipboard
  • Added direct message support to followers by adding "Direct!" button and drop-down with follow names
  • Added API for thirdparty contributions to detect clickable links and associated actions
  • Author images where image name has funky characters are fetched successfully
  • Submit area providers are now encapsulated in their own Composite to avoid their layout to affect the greater plugin layout
  • Tweet! button moved due to support for direct messages
  • Renamed "Refresh data" action in the part menu to "Update"

developerWorks: Plug-in development 101

Are you ready to get going on development of plug-ins for the Notes 8 client (Eclipse)? If you are then look no further than this series of articles on developerWorks: Plug-in development 101. It's a bit sad that it isn't Notes 8 specific but hey it's in the Open Source zone but even though you get the basics of the necessary steps for creating plug-ins.

Presentations from Dannotes

So I did both my sessions at Dannotes yesterday and then went very well. The sessions were back to back which was a little exhausting but I managed. My first session was on the business card system in Sametime from a developers point of view and the second was on composite applications. Only a minor Notes UI screw-up in the latter session when adding components to my composite application using the Composite Application Editor (CAE). Good thing I rehearsed the demos so I had the Notes URL's cached in the dropdown.

I would share the presentations I used. The presentations are in Danish so they may of limited used to non-Danish speakers... :-)


Quote of the day

"...the stuff you don't know, you don't know, is important..."

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TwitNotes - update on 1.0.3 progress

Who said a long off-line commute isn't productive. I have been adding support for clickable links in the UI so that web-links and links to other Twitteres will be recognized in the UI. Links to other Twitteres will also be recognized within the body of the tweet as well. Presently the click-action for web links is to open the link in the default browser and the action for clicking a Twittere, is to filter the UI to posts by that user (I have added an action in the part menu to reset any filter that has been added). Please provide input on this behavior if you have opinions about this.

I need to finalize the API for this before releasing but a 1.0.3 release should be right around the corner.