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I'm so bleeding yellow!

I can't begin to explain how nice it is to have bleedyellow.com and especially Sametime on im.bleedyellow.com. It's absolutely killer! I have "talked" to more people from the community since Lotusphere 2008 than many of the latter years combined. Nice, nice, nice...

Thanks to Lotus911 for a great initiative.

Sametime screencapture problems on Vista

I'm having major issues with using the Sametime screen capture tool on Vista (I'm on Notes 8.0.1 Standard on Microsoft Vista Ultimate). The tool works but it's like the cursor is "stuck" somehow and the selection tool is very sluggish. Wierd!

The *very* wierd thing is that it works much better when the tool is started from the sidebar plug-in Connect client than from an active chat. Not perfect like on Windows XP but much better. Go figure!

Update: Now it's also sluggish from the sidebar...

Registration completed

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Dannotes in April 2008

It looks like I'll be presenting two sessions at the Danish Notes Usergroup, Dannotes, in April 2008. One session will be on developing custom Sametime blackboxes and configuring the blackbox system in general (based on my THE VIEW articles on the subject) and the other one will be a general, technical, introduction to composite applications in general.

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developerWorks article - Configuring and adding menu items in Eclipse V3.3

Nice article on developerWorks on the new extension point for action bars, menu items etc. in Eclipse 3.3. This will have consequences for you guys developing SWT stuff for Notes 8+ as Notes 8.5 is based on Eclipse 3.4.

Configuring and adding menu items in Eclipse V3.3

Stuff from the Lotus Traveler Info Center

I have reading a little on Lotus Notes Traveler and have found some tidbits I need to remember such as links, port numbers etc. Please excuse the use of the <blink> tag below but the fact that self-signed certificates doesn't work is, IMO, *very* important to notice. You should also notice the requirement that the server have Manager access to mail files.

  • From "Installing the server": The Domino server that is hosting the Lotus Notes Traveler server must have Manager access to all user mail files. This task can be accomplished by making the Domino server part of the LocalDomainServers group.
  • It's possible to auto-configure clients using a "bootstrap" file (Configuring the server/Creating the bootstrap file)
  • New Traveler notes.ini settings
  • Default port number is 8642 for autosync (TCP port number and host addresses that device clients can use to register with the Lotus Notes Traveler AUTOSYNC server.)
  • Default port number is 50125 for IPC (Inter process socket connection between Lotus Notes Traveler Server and its HTTP server servlet. Add this notes.ini setting to override the default port number and optionally the host address.)
  • Troubleshooting:
    • To see if running: look for traveler.exe in the Microsoft Windows® Task Manager
    • Verifying directory access: tell traveler show >user<
    • Stats: Traveler.*
  • Known limitations:
    • Rich Text is not supported
    • Encryption is not supported
    • "Retrieve Full Email" is not available for Drafts
    • Self-signed certificates do not work with Lotus Notes Traveler clients.
  • Domino 8.0.1 release notes

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Re: Eclipse Monkey - it really could be coming!

I received an e-mail from Dan Sickles with a comment on my post on Eclipse Monkey. It appears that integration of Eclipse Monkey into Notes 8 is being worked on by Matthew Hatem - it might just be a "pocket-project" but still - it's exciting!

Matt did the demos for Mary Beth Raven at Lotusphere and did the "CSS Inspector plug-in" to style Notes 8 Standard (using notes.css) on the fly. They're still working on getting the plug-in out there.

Here's the comment from Dan:

"You may have some details on this from your DP chat, but Eclipse Monkey for R8 and Expeditor in general was being shown in the labs at Lotusphere if you knew to ask. I've been pestering IBM about this for years. Matt Hatem showed me a very nicely integrated scripting language IDE implementation, probably done with the DLTK, with examples in Javascript (rhino) and ruby (JRuby). Jython, Groovy and any other JVM scripting language could work too.

With a few lines of code, you can add a sidebar or any other Expeditor/SWT component. All the details including UI/Notes threading are handled for you. This was the basis of a blog comment (I forget where) that in two years, most (okay many) new Notes apps will be not be written in Lotusscript or java. For apps of any complexity, the domain classes would certainly be written in java but the overall application logic and UI "controller" code would be a good candidate for a scripting language.

Ask for a demo. I would like to see this in the product.

-Dan Sickles Las Vegas, NV"

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Notes 8.0.1: I had to enable My Widgets

I have to enable "My Widgets" for the sidebar in the Preferences dialog in order for me to play with them This is done using File/Preferences, go to the "Widgets" category and enabling the "Show Widget Toolbar and the My Widgets Sidebar panel" option as shown below.

Upgraded to Notes 8.0.1

Did my upgrade to Notes 8.0.1 Standard today without any serious issues. Only thing I noticed was a strange password dialog (no option to change location) on my initial login to Notes after the installation. After that initial login the client went into "provisioning mode" where it looked as though the Expeditor underpinnings installed and uninstalled a large number of plug-ins. This was probably replacing the Lotus Productivity Editors with Lotus Symphony (beta 4).

Nothing else worth noticing - all in all a very uneventful upgrade. IMHO there's no reason to hold of upgrading. Besides getting Symphony Beta 4 which is nice I'm now also a happy Sametime 8 user.

Let the mass-scale adoption begin - Notes/Domino 8.0.1 out tomorrow

Lotus Notes and Domino 8.0.1 channel announcement, via Ed Brill.

P.S.: The amount of blogging Ed is allowed to do on his "holiday" is in stark contrast to my allowance... :-)

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THE VIEW 2008 Technical Supplement available for download

THE VIEW 2008 Technical Solutions Supplement is now available for download from THE VIEW at no charge. Although you will likely pick up a hardcopy at some conference this year it never hurts to have the PDF as well. The supplement features a short piece by yours truly called "Use a blackbox to bolster your Sametime Connect buddy list with business card data".

Download THE VIEW 2008 Solutions Supplement

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Learning the ropes (pun intended)

I discovered this article through my developerWorks subscription and it was an interesting read. I picked up on the article since I do a lot of String manipulation in LotusScript.doc but hardly in the the 50MB range as described in the article. Still I think you should read the article if you

  1. like to learn new API's
  2. like to think outside the box
  3. do stuff in Java

Article abstract:

"Systems that manipulate large quantities of string data are poorly served by the Java language's default String and StringBuilder classes. A rope data structure can be a better alternative. This article introduces Ropes for Java, a rope implementation for the Java platform; explores performance issues; and provides pointers for effective use of the library."

developerWorks: Ropes: Theory and practice - Why and when to use Ropes for Java for string manipulations

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Eclipse plug-in development fundamentals

Sounds like a series coming up that you might want to check out if you're new to Eclipse development.

developerWorks: Plug-in development 101, Part 1: The fundamentals


Mostly for the E4X stuff - gotta check it out in more detail at some point.

developerWorks: Create an Ajax mindreader application with E4X and Prototype, Part 1: Build the Twenty Questions infrastructure

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Who planned the Greenhouse conference call?

I, like many other, receieved the invitation to a webcast on the greenhouse.lotus.com on February 22 at 2 PM EST. While I really appreciate and applaud the initiative I find it "interesting" that one would plan a web conference/conference call at 2PM in EST when the audience is global. Something like 8AM or 10AM EST would be much more appropriate. Both to possible European not to mention Asian attendees.

I know that 8 AM would be troublesome to people on pacific time but go with 10 AM - that's what many other international IBM conference calls does. And then on a Friday - 2PM EST would be Saturday in many parts of Asia!

Hmmm - better planning next time please. Great initiative though...

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Eclipse Monkey

"Ok, get this - it's just like Grease Monkey for Firefox... except it's for Eclipse!"

Now this is cool. I found out about Eclipse Monkey through its name being dropped in a group chat on an DP call and decided to research a little. The article I found is rather old but gives a nice description. Further info can be found at eclipse.org/dash which is the container project.

Think of being able to write scripts that affects functionality across Notes applications in Notes 8. Aspect-based programming for Notes. Hmmmm... It makes my mind wander.

Link to eclipsezone.com: Eclipse Monkey - Now That's Cool

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Enabling debug on the Sametime Connect (8.x) client

Technote 1291048: Enabling debug on the Sametime Connect 8.x client.

This technote ís only for Sametime 8 and refers to the "proper" Eclipse way of debugging. Refer to technote 1244422 for info relating to Sametime 7.5.

Stupid is as stupid does

Danish news ran a story on TV last night about a guy who allegedly had won 1 million USD in an anonymous internet lottery. And a Nigerian one at that. What's even worse is that the guy actually started to pay the different "taxes" and "surcharges" before he could have the money. He paid 633.000 DKK (approx. 120.000 USD) before realizing that something was up. Smart guy!

He's 30 years of from having paid of the debts from this. Some people just never learn. Poor man...

IBM Tivoli Composite Application Management

Anyone who have tried this piece of software? Is it a server install, does it have client agents (most errors would probably be generated locally), does it support Notes 8? Below is the description from IBM.com.

"Application management is difficult because code has been written by various sources (outsourced, consultant or internal development). Composite applications further complicate management because applications are created by linking various pieces together (web servers, databases, web services, etc.). When there is a problem with the application, you may have an indication of the problem, but it is very difficult to pin point where the problem is without end to end composite application monitoring software."

Direct link: IBM Tivoli Composite Application Management

ILUG2008 abstracts submitted

I have submitted two abstracts for ILUG2008 - one on the business card/blackbox sub-system of Sametime and one on SWT/JFace and why you as a Notes developer should care. The blackbox session will be on the stuff that makes this possible and the SWT/JFace will be on how and why you really should get your Eclipse IDE going!

I'm crossing my fingers and hoping for the best.

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Custom Sametime blackbox for bleedyellow.com

Over the last few days I have been working with Chris Whisonant from LOTUS911 / bleedyellow.com to write a custom Sametime blackbox for bleedyellow.com. In case you don't know, a blackbox in "Sametime speak", is what you write if you would like to get business card info from systems other than Domino Directory or LDAP.

This blackbox uses the DB2 JDBC drivers to plug into the Lotus Connections Profiles database at bleedyellow.com to get business card data from there. This means that if you update your bleedyellow.com profile with a photo your co-bleeders will now be able to see it when they hover their mouse over your name in Sametime.

Besides the photo we also surfase the blog-link and the timezone instead of company name and department as you can see in the screenshot below.

During my work with this blackbox and previous work I have done with the UserInfo API for two upcoming articles in THE VIEW on the same subject I have learned a lot of stuff, both good and bad, about the API. The API gives you a lot of flexibility but there are also major shortcomings so expect some blogging on this in the future. For now simply rejoice! :-)

Now I invite you to update your Lotus Connections profile and share any comments you have on the hovering with me or Chris.

P.S.: I know there is a Lotus Connections plug-in for Sametime that provides hover-functionality from the Solution Catalog but I really wanted a server-based solution.

developerWorks article - Designing composite applications: Unit testing

Craig Wolpert and Jo Grant from the composite application team at IBM are on a roll. They have just published their fourth article on developerWorks on developing composite applications:

"The ease with which users can assemble composite applications from components increases the need to unit test your components before users use them. This article, fourth in our series on composite applications, describes how to test your components prior to assembling composite applications."

Designing composite applications: Unit testing

Imagine combining this with Notes 8!

I was directed to a site for an interesting product by my subscription to Eclipse news. The piece wasn't on Eclipse per say but on a product based on Eclipse. The product is called Tasktop and looks awesome. There's a *very* nice Flash demo as well that I recommend you take a look at.

So what's so special about this? Well besides being a nice tool with some, what appears to be killer functionality, it's written on the same platform as Notes 8! (that would be Eclipse for those who hasn't guessed that) It wouldn't be a monumental task to bring it into the Notes 8 client. How's that for a context sensitive workbench? Combine it with the workflow of Notes - you could work wonders. Imagine having context tasks in Notes combined with links to activities, e-mails, databases, views, Notes documents, Sametime transcripts, Quickr documents, documents on file shares... It makes my mouth water!


IBM should definitely pick up on this. That would be nothing like my dear old Notes client! It would be Notes on steroids!

P.S.: I know I went a little overboard with the exclamation marks! :-)

Lotus Sametime for Microsoft products

Nice video of the Lotus Sametime integration into Microsoft Office incl. Outlook (main focus is on Outlook). It's nice even if you just need to see what the integration looks like since you're probably running Notes. Right? :-)

Podcast: Ze Frank - Keynote

Not for the easily offended but worth a listen.

"In this extremely funny RailsConf keynote, performer and consultant Ze Frank radiates the quirky energy and hip creativity of new media and the interactive web. Riffing on everything from nonsensical airline safety cards to the creation of an Earth sandwich..."

MP3 off IT Conversations

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Fake Name Generator

Just what you need for testing and demoing - Fake Name Generator. Much better than test user1, test user2 etc.

developerWorks: IBM Lotus Notes composite application podcast series

I haven't listened yet but it sounds interesting. Too bad there isn't a RSS feed for the series available.

"In this three-part podcast series on composite applications, you hear about the application development benefits and capabilities of IBM® Lotus® Notes® and Domino® 8, about how to integrate your Eclipse™-based or IBM Lotus Expeditor-based applications with Lotus Notes and Domino 8 applications, and about how to create composite applications in Lotus Notes and Domino 8."

developerWorks: IBM Lotus Notes composite application podcast series