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UltraISO Premium

UltraISO Premium is a nice little tool to convert DVD/CD images (img-files) to ISO images which has the added benefit of being directly mountable in VMWare.

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An interesting read in this months issue of Core Java Technology Tips on using the BigDecimal class to avoid rounding errors. Check it out --> The Need for BigDecimal.

YAHOO! Pipes

I have nothing against Duffbert - really! I think he's a stand-up guy. I appreciate his interest in doing book reviews but I really only want his posts on everything else. To make it possible I created my very first YAHOO! Pipe. It's so very cool it's almost indescribable. What I did was to add a feed component with the URL of Duffbert's main feed, added a filter component to block all items where the title contains "Book Review" (the filter component understands that it is filtering a RSS feed and gives me the fields from the feed to filter by) and pipe that to the output (see below). Simple and effective.

Once the pipe had been created I simply subscribed to that feed instead. What's really cool is that if I would rather have a JASON feed to include in the web-page I simply have Pipes change the output format for me! Sweet!

If you haven't looked at YAHOO! Pipes yet you really owe it to yourself to do it.

Oh my God!!

9/11 6 years later...

Eclipse 3.3 is here - what does that mean for Lotus Expeditor?

As you might have heard version 3.3 of the Eclipse platform has been released under the codename of Europa (Eclipse 3.3 Europa) and is now the preferred version of Eclipse for new developers. With the new Eclipse release I'm wondering where that leaves us developing for Notes 8 and Sametime 7.5. Will development for the IBM Lotus Expeditor platform be supported with Eclipse 3.3 or will we need to stay to Eclipse 3.2 to be supported?

I'm just curious. It isn't too much of a problem for me right now as I'm already running both Eclipse 3.1 and Eclipse 3.2 on different projects so adding a third to the mix shouldn't be too much of a hazzle. I'm just curious as I think it will set a precedence as to how IBM Lotus plans to keep up with the ongoing development and evolution of the Eclipse platform.

Another reason why it isn't too much of an issue for me is that I'm on Windows XP. One of the noteworthy features of Eclipse 3.3 is the support for Mac OSX on Intel. This is interesting since we as Notes/Domino developers are extending our reach into the Mac market and hence this kind of support is required.

Fastnsf.com - the RSS feed

I too noticed the Fast NSF launched to talked about Domino performance and since it is based on Blogsphere getting a RSS feed for the site is really easy... :-)